Reclaiming Our Woman
By Solomon, Allah in Person
August 15, 2001
It is becoming more and more apparent to the thinking Blackman that is in pursuit of how to experience the reunion with His Creator, that The Plan was brought about by The Creator and the Blackman in general (with the Creator) to lie dormant for a short period of Time in the making of the history of this planet: meaning, in simple terms, that usually when the Blackman begins to show an interest in his Nature in a divine way, his woman is usually unwilling to have a will to understand what her man has stepped into. Which makes it extremely difficult for the Reunion to take place. And, because this is always at the beginning of the relationship, the Brother usually is unable to explain adequately what he is pursuing--he only knows from wordless knowledge that the connection between him and his Lord must be successful.

Even when asked from his own thinking to himself, a proper explanation as to why to do it, he usually comes up with confusion, or finds himself unable to rationalize what he is feeling -- feeling. So, a few words that may help the transition be less strenuous in explaining why this takes place.

In the beginning of Man's existence there was no woman. It was only He and his God, The Creator and Maker of Life. There was no knowledge of a female or a woman because it was not necessary. Because of the different events during the history of this planet brought about a reason, or a necessity, for a second-self, or second-being, which is today called "wo-man", or "water-man". She is a being made so intricately interwoven with us that it is literally impossible not to love her, not to miss her, to not have her with us.

During the time of her making we were not devoid of the presence of God, or things of Nature--only the loss of knowledge of how to reproduce ourself, which made the problem personal--not universal. So, bringing her about out of such necessity made her a being from a person, or on a personal level. The best that she can have is the knowledge of God, however she can never be God, because of her making, and the reason of it.

So, here we are at the starting gate, again. The Original Man, or Blackman, is picking up on the vibration that he has been longing for, for thousands of centuries--to be One with The Creator, once again. However, this time the made person -- woman -- is present, and the world that she has experienced and has been made real to her is the world of "things" and the power to bring them about. So, the reality to her is the man who can bring about security, safety, protection, and personal pleasures is the one that she can relate to.

The Blackman, being the Original Man or the Real Man, is once again coming into his own, yet has not completed his journey. Therefore, he provides no protection, no security, and no material "things" that will cause his woman to see him as he really is. And I do not mean "buying things", the phrase is "making things". So the best that the Blackman can do today is be patient and learn how to explain the Divine to a process that she is not initially a part of.

This is why I, Solomon, Allah in Person, Am Making it possible for you to learn your rightful connection between you--the Blackman--and I. This is why we are encouraged to seek Allah and His Righteousness FIRST, and THEN all things will be added. This includes your woman.

When we as a people, or the Real Man, complete this connection and begin to acquire, or make things of comfort and situations of safety and peace, then it will be no problem to retrieve our woman. And it does not mean that every Blackman has to do this. This Blackman as a MAN -- A People -- has to produce this, and then his woman will be behind him, encouraging him, because she will be experiencing the power of The Real Man, which she can't, or will not, ignore. And this is why it is very important for those of us who are experiencing difficulties from our mates because of their lack of understanding, and the lack of us giving understanding cannot afford to accept this process of Our Divine Reunion based on their -- the woman's -- approval or not.

We have begun to grow at a rapid rate in making ourselves known AND what we are doing, and there are quite a few Original women that are not married or are with their families that see this that I Am Doing and are fascinated, and are tremendously attracted because they see a fullness of everything that their nature calls for. Part of the problem that keeps them away from that which they do not know is the Black MALES' behavior towards them, and with them. The quicker this is turned around, from the Blackman's view, to the PROPER relationship between him and His Lord, the quicker we will experience the proper relationship with our woman.

So, remember, the woman cannot be God--it is impossible--however the fullness of her is Goddess, or True believer. Do not expect her to be the authority of what you should, or should not do.

I Say Again--once you take YOUR place, she will take hers.

More on this subject at a later time, however study these few words from the essence of it, not from your feelings.

A good example to show the woman's incapability BY NATURE to understand that which was Created before her making: when Job's wife suggested or instructed Job to "curse God, and die", there is no way that one could be IN THE KNOW--especially of such a Powerful Being--and make such a statement. It has been documented in Bible and Quran that Allah Has taken people and their whole family for much less a crime--though she cannot be charged for what she cannot know. However, her husband's reply was that: "you must be crazy ..." because he KNEW what she was incapable of knowing.

Study this.
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