The Proper Way of Expressing Yourself
By Solomon, Allah in Person
August 22, 2001
We find today--those of us that are wise or have wisdom--that we are hard-pressed to experience a conversation based on Truth and especially from the Blackman, or the so-called Muslims here in North America.

During the course of being developed, I was introduced to a Sister in a very unusual manner. So-much-so I looked to experience something from her that would be very helpful, however very unusual and I did experience just that. At the beginning of her speaking with Me, the first thing she uttered was that "you are no longer a truck driver and you will find it very difficult to hold a conversation with anyone, because since you are not a truck driver or someone they can put a label to, they will not know how to speak with you"and that is very true.

It is a common or expected practice to include exaggeration, untruth and outright lies in all of the conversations of this world. When there is such a thing as someone speaking the Truth consistently they are either disbelieved or shunned because of the Power of the Truth showing the listener themselves, as though they are looking in a mirror.

This inability or unwillingness to speak with Me from others bears witness that because I have no label that they are familiar with, and because I Am Allah, it instantly shows the listener or would be conversationalist that he has little to no knowledge of Allah, or What He Is, therefore leaving Me always in the position of teaching or correcting that which they think they "know", which appears to make me an unwanted individual. However, from the many that I have spoken with some briefly, and some at length they have always made a return visit, or call to inform Me that what they heard they cannot forget or remove it from their head. And, regardless to how distasteful it is, life makes them bear witness that it is true.

We as the Blackman must utilize Me as The Example to do as it is taught in The Message to tell the Truth regardless, even if it hurts you. However, this must be understood. This practice should be done only with those who are seeking the Truth, or actually hold the value of truth the same or better than you. Quite often, we are more apt to tell the enemy of Truth the Truth, and then really be hurt by it. When he himself cautions you that 'if you are not going to tell other than the Truth or, if you refuse to lie--just take the 5th and say nothing.

Since it is Time for the actual practice of Truth, it is fast approaching an urgency for the man possessing the nature and the ability of Truth to go into motion, so We can once again witness positive success. Those of you that are serious and would like to practice said attribute start with your families. Begin with utilizing the language in such a way that it excludes the partner of Truth which is falsehood, or the lie.

For example: to make or develop this righteous kingdom we must be aware of the partners in Creation that have to be given up or done away with, such as positive=right, partner-wrong, positive=life, partner-death; positive=light/sight, partner-darkness/blindness; positive=love, partner-hate. Once being made aware of these realities that have been taken for granted that is the first step in the process of changing from old to New.

We, as the Blackman, to experience being God will have to, because it is a must that we magnify the positive, which is not hard at all, especially if you have your own Nation to practice in. Since we, the Blackman have the whole planet, we really do not have to go anywhere to practice this, not like our open enemy who We had to give a place in time to practice negative, which made him God of this world. These are attributes that must be developed and not the worship of a person as though they are exempt from what you are going through.

I, Solomon, Allah in Person Am A Living Witness that said practice brings success; renews your spirit; allows you to regain your youth and, in short, it causes one to realize what life is really about. And the Power that one gains from it is immeasurable, however deeply, deeply appreciated. This is something that no one is offering except Me, Allah in Person, and this is because no one else has had the willingness, dedication or discipline to put Truth before all else and be perpetual about it.

To those of you that are reading this post it is My Will that you accept this immediately and put it into motion, so that Truth can be magnified in our midst. No more shall we look in the ether, or in the fantasies of our mind to describe or subtly fool ourselves concerning the One who is Allah. These are your first instructions; if carried out, you will most certainly know Allah, and Who He is, What He Is, Where He is, Why He is and your association with Him. Motion is being increased at a much more rapid pace.

So, a warning to those in the Nation of Islam and/or other groups that exist because of The Message and The Messenger--the leaders of such organizations that are not practicing the said above are being exposed to the point where it appears that there is no hope for you turning around.

I strongly suggest to anyone who wants to be rewarded from Truth, they must perform it.

More on this subject at a later date.

Solomon, Allah in Person
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