By Solomon, Allah in Person
September 5, 2001
Due to some reasonable requests, The Center Page from this date forward will be done bi-weekly, because of the requested time to study said article, so I Shall honor said requests.

The purpose of these articles or Center Pages is to share knowledge, and the thinking of Myself, Allah in Person. This knowledge is to be studied and practiced so that one can gain the power from it not just to show that I AM Knowledge. Center Page Archive Now, to the topic, "Professionals".

A professional is: a person that expresses the unseen in a mental way that can be understood -- of that which was thought of before it was brought into the seen, or brought to the people. There are many forms or levels of professional. One of the forms that everyone tends to dislike or shun is a professional liar, because of the inevitable trap that you may find yourself in. However, the other side of the same coin, in this world, we have "professional rulers", who rule in such a way that they always have the public reacting. Therefore rendering the public unable to set their own policy for their own freedom.

I, Allah in Person, Am Building a Righteous Kingdom (or Nation) and there are those of us Original Men and Women who have the wherewithal to place the Nation in its glory. In this world the rulership to the ruler is so vitally important that when he finds one of us that is adequately equipped for greatness, he takes that one under his wing and makes him, by teaching him, not to reveal any of the secrets of what he has come into or has been brought into. Depending upon what level of secrecy he is to operate in, it may be that he can no longer even speak with his Mother or Father, or close to kin, for fear of dropping a few hints and clues of how they are being ruled So it is with us the Gods that must be God. As The Messenger said, there are many things that he could tell us, however it wasnít time. It is Now Time for some of these things to be known, or at least enough to produce the attracting power for those of us that would want to be a part and lend their thinking power to the rulership of said Nation. The majority of the knowledge that I have been sharing in the public and over this public forum is not new or news to the open enemy the ruler of this world. So, in order for us to be successful or triumph over our enemy and produce Heaven in the abyss of ####, this type of individual must be attracted by Me and those who are With Me.

There is an immeasurable amount of knowledge that I Have to Share only with the rulers, so the ruled can be ruled in Peace. There is no reason today after checking the United Nation of Islam out THOROUGHLY, for one to hold back because of fear or disbelief in the success of said promise through prophecy. I am "The Pro" that will cause many to profess, and this sounds good also to confess. We are living in The Time of the birth of unending Peace and Creation. Let us utilize ALL of the Time that is available to assure that this comes about expeditiously. There are forces that are waiting to be put to use for the very express purpose of said above. Remember, this that I am sharing with you is much like the reality of an iceberg: what you hear, see and/or feel is not even an one-eighth of what you do not hear, see and/or feel! So I encourage all that will allow your potential to be developed. And that equates to CHANGING YOUR THINKING, for the purpose of free thought. Letís begin as soon as you read this post.

We have now reached the level of where calculated motion must take place. So I repeat to you as the Messenger said, fly to Allah, Myself, and begin to witness and realize Heaven at once!

Always on Post,
Solomon, Allah in Person
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