Thinking Is A Must
By Solomon, Allah in Person
September 25, 2001
As Time marches on there must be a balance in the thinking in order to have time serve you--if not you will serve time, much like so many of our Brothers that are physically incarcerated for what they are guilty of, or innocent of. Because of their thinking being out of sync with Allah, according to the Teachings of The Messenger, it proves that said individual is out of Time.

And so it is with what we are currently witnessing. The Blackman in general, and the Blackman in all of the other organizations including the Nation of Islam is out of sync with the thinking according to The Time.

Even the Truth that is shared in the Nation and from some other Brothers is done in such a way that it nullifies the Truth--because it is out of Time. We do have the history of 40 years of sharing the Message of Allah Himself from The Messenger; 3-1/2 to 5 years of Warith Deen trying to show it to be wrong; 10 years of Minister FARRAKHAN Reminding of The Message AS IT WAS, and then another 10-11 years of Minister Louis raping the Blackman of the Truth that he had gained.

And, now, it proves to be The Time where right thinking is a MUST, however we find that the Blackman is unable to perform such a needed and urgent task--especially those in the Nation of Islam following Minister Louis that have been and are pre-occupied in looking for "the hypocrite", instead of looking for ALLAH and His system that will cause them to be stable at such an hour.

So now that it IS a MUST that you have something that YOU can call your own it is (or should be!) clear that your leader, or those that you have looked at as being God have failed the Blackman. In order for this to be turned around, the Blackman now has to SHOW that he really is God by rearranging his thinking--as it should have been--to produce something for himself while in this Dreadful Hour--which can only be done by accepting and participating WILLINGLY in The United Nation of Islam: that which Allah Himself has set up ESPECIALLY for the Gods to BE God on this planet.

The present-day thinking from the leaders and the masses of the people is most certainly in error, and the rewards of an error is that if it is not changed, it amounts to a miserable death, simply because Time waits for NO ONE.

So I, Solomon, Allah in Person, urge you with the strongest amount of urgency, to reconsider your thinking as opposed to the thinking of Myself. The development of The United Nation of Islam and those that are With Me in this Nation bears witness to the balanced thinking that one MUST HAVE at this Time.

Do not wait until tomorrow. Start at the end of your reading this post. DO NOT allow Satan and/or the devil to "reason" you out, or to whisper "firm resolutions" in your ear that will cause you to abandon what must be done.

Allah in Person

Any man, or person, that is looked at or seen as "a leader", and that person makes mockery of another person's physical appearance is a SELF-made "leader". Leaders are guides that are produced from Me to deal with the spiritual and the mental--to be a proper leader from The Divine, not from the material. Remember, MIND over matter.
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