The Seat of Authority
By Solomon, Allah in Person
October 17, 2001
Since the Time of Creation, and by the mere fact of Creation, it indicates that there is An Author of Creation. From the Time that the Author, or Supreme Being, brought in a second-Self--an intelligent response to Himself--out of Creation, that Act could now bear witness to The Author of said Creation. As long as The Creator Lived amongst His Creation/Creatures the term "seat of authority" did not exist. When the Decision was made by The Creator to make Himself absent, only then would one be correct in referring to the Creator (or Supreme Being's) Home AS The seat. And through an elaborate, lengthy testing period which has finally been brought to its conclusion, it dictates that the Supreme Being (Creator) Returns to My Rightful Place--which we now call “The Seat of Authority.”

It stands to reason that the prolonged absence of the Creator has allowed the seat to become dusty, or rusty, or corrupt, which we today are witnessing by the frivolous and careless use of it as a place where instructions are to be issued to the world--which we now see is being used to magnify one person.

In light of this Truth, the Supreme Being -- Allah Himself -- upon My Coming to occupy My Seat Dictate certain priorities. Yet the Seat is the origin of Truth and Allah-- Being The Truth-- must first clean His Own House before (in a public or universal way) I Begin to correct or clean other sections of Creation, and anything less than this rhythmic practice would nullify Allah Being Allah!

One may ask "where is the Seat of Authority?" We would have to point to the place where the seed of Salvation has been planted that has a stronger effect on the Original man than any other place found on the Planet, and that is the Nation of Islam. The participants in the Nation of Islam are so embarrassing to such Seat that I, Myself, while encountering the followers and participants of that Nation brings Me to shame and embarrassment for them. Especially since more and more of the followers are beginning to speak with Me, it has now reached the level of intolerance. I can wait no longer. There was a little Time, a few days ago, now there is NO Time left for said change to be brought about. So, the first Official Action--Being The Author/Authority--is to clean up My Own House.

This particular Center Page is being written to satisfy the inquiry of the followers in the Nation of Islam as to WHY I Am concerned with Minister Louis and the Nation of Islam. I am being asked this over, and over and over.

No specific life form, especially the human being, will be able to make any progress without certain definites that will lend to his elevation. The problem is that those who are not being taught by Me--Allah in Person--do not know how I Think, nor have they any definites in The Direction that I Have Taken.

I would strongly suggest to those who read this to begin getting the tapes of the knowledge given during the meetings and on the tours. I Have Taught and shared enough knowledge for any sane or thinking person to know that what they receive from Me is Truth. To continue to go forward with a finer degree of Truth in the sense of “anointing your head with oil until your cup runneth over” is also sharing knowledge with the open enemy--that would enable him to be more effective in his war against the Truth. In light of such Truth, I will refrain for a period from sharing any higher knowledge--until you accept that which is already been shared, or be annihilated.

Up until now the Blackman associates knowledge--especially of this kind--only as “a good conversation piece”, never practicing it, and this is where we differ. I, Allah, Must Practice it, lest there be no flesh left on the Earth, starting with My Own Home--The Seat of Authority.

What is being brought on Man and mankind today automatically means that others and other Nations will be calling on Me to aid them in their process of life, which I can only answer if My House is Right. And, according to scripture and the prophets--all Nations bowed and submitted, and sought Council and Mercy from Me. So in light of that determined destiny it stands to reason I Was, and Am Being Successful in Cleaning My Own Home--The Seat of Authority.

To all of you that are in positions of authority in the Nation of Islam make your move quickly, because I Am Making Mine! And, a word of caution--do not think that I am so “foolish” that I have “psyched” Myself into acting on a belief. Nor should you be so foolish as to think that I am “foolish”. And, remember -- I Am not Hiding, and you CANNOT hide.

If there is any righteousness found in ANY of you, from the leader to the follower, act on it now--with urgency.


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