Avoiding The Truth
By Royall, Allah In Person,
December 12, 2001
This is a practice that was ordained by The Supreme Being Himself, for a specific people to carry out and perfect within a time period of 6,000 years, and they have been so successful in perfecting such a damnable art, that the whole planet of superior beings practice, which now has become the habit of avoiding the Truth. So, this is one of the most difficult tasks or duty that I, Allah in Person, find myself engaged in, which is causing everyone to know that the avoiding of Truth brings early death and most of them always end up with a miserable exit from the planet--- being poisoned to death, gradually, dying in your old age of misery, or by being put to death by trauma, which most young people are experiencing when being shot or beaten to death.

I have found in my Duty of keeping My Word that the enemy of Truth has been so successful that the desire for Truth, or its presence, has been removed from their thinking. The gathering of facts to the point where it will render The Truth has become a "degrading" practice. It has gotten to be an unseen reality that we accept other than Truth and hope that the person keeps his or her word.

The whole religious world, and the world of Islam is suffering because of this Satanic practice. Even after the raising up of a Messenger to give clarity to the world's problems and what must be done, has been abandoned as though it was a fad. However, this was seen before I Arrived. Seeing history in advance, and then preparing yourself to live it when the Time arrives, is two different things. It is very compelling to use force instead of discipline. However, often-time reflecting on My Word that this will ONLY be done in a measured and timely manner, which makes those who are practising the art of lying feel somewhat comfortable, or they are "assured" that there is no retaliation equal to their ability to slide out of the uncomfortable situation. I say to those who are engaged in that type of practice "you have been and are being forewarned that NO ONE gets away."

The irony of this is The Truth is being shared and it does not depend on your acceptance for it to be put in practice---once I, Allah, Have Said it or put it in motion---from that point on judgement BEGINS for a people and down to the person. So as the prophets have predicted, each man will have to pay for what his own hands have done AFTER Truth has been sent. It may be difficult for those that are steeped in this damnable practice to see the ever-increasing punishment that is upon them until they reach their FINAL ability, or effort, to avoid the inevitable, which is TRUTH.

I Am a Merciful God like none other. The forcing of My Will is being brought into reality in the way that was promised, where you would perceive not UNTIL it was too late to change. I Am so inspired by looking at the time that has passed, and the time that is approaching, where there WILL BE those that will break the habit of lying, or because of what I Am Doing, never start that practice.

Remember, Muslims, ALL former things are passed away, indicating that there were no more lies and no more avoiding The Truth, and because of that, We began to WITNESS everything being made New. You can accept this, or leave it alone, however every time the clock ticks, you cannot get it back and every day that passes---if you are not with Me---it is bringing you to YOUR passing. Your movements, compared to Mine, are out of synch and you are not approaching the Truth as quickly as I Am Bringing the reason for it to an end. The practice of accepting things that are false has made you to think that I am false---so now you have "a false god", translated into (in your language) "leader".

Remember, again, everyone will have to pay, and this will be a different type of misery than trying to pay your bills. You have gotten too comfortable with NOTHING, especially after the enemy has made you to believe that you have sacrificed and paid much to have what you have "accumulated"---which amounts to NOTHING. If the Promise and the method of Everlasting Life is not enough for you, being human, then you shall die and BECOME nothing. This is not spoken from anger; receive it as The Father speaking to His son, or children, with the surety of a promise if certain things are not met by the children. And Remember, I Say, and then DO.

Accept it, or leave it alone.

By Royall, Allah In Person,
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