A Simple View of Christmas
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
December 15, 2001
Let’s start off with the word “Christmas”, which simply means that there must be a Christ.

The key to solving the mystery (that our open enemy has made to seem as though there is no answer) to what he is presenting to us is DIVINE - - or actions from a higher power, is to know the why and the Time of things. The open enemy knows that there is a Christ who can only come from the Original Man - - The Blackman, here in North America, and if it were possible that This Man could never rise, then the open enemy would never go out of power. So he makes the Blackman to believe that the Christ could never be him, or another Blackman. If the Blackman could see the underlying evidence that he is sharing with us, it would be very clear as to who this Christ must be.

Let’s take a look at where Santa Claus works, and produces his so-called “gifts”. It is presented to us as being done at “the North Pole”, where there is “nothing to tell” because there is nothing produced there that is used by the civilized community of the Planet. It is a preserved area - - a “nothing place” for mankind. Also, let’s look at Santa’s mode of transportation - - which has never kept up with modern times: “Reindeer”, and “a sleigh”, with their ability to fly and constantly bombard us with that nothing tale, which makes life very dear FOR HIM. He is constantly raining down on us fairy tales, however this one, Christmas, takes the cake, because it is more important than any of the other ones that he tells. However, because he had a restriction of time to tell such tales he made it to fit what we longed for, so that we would accept it until the Time is up.

The world now is operating in such confusion that it is styled “as fog”. And because he knew in advance that One would show up - - The Christ - - with or without his permission, he put in his tall tale a character by the name of Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer, who none of them liked until they could not find their way out of the confusion that they had created - - THEN they proudly, and boldly asked Rudolph, who supposedly had a red nose (meaning the knowledge that he had was True, which produces freedom), which really equates to The Christ - - to guide their sleigh during that “foggy night” which is the time in which we are now living in from this Christmas on. They need a man Who IS THE LIGHT, Who will Shine or lead the way to Peace, which will be so precise and accurate it made ALL of the other authorities of life Love and Respect Him to the point of giving gifts to Rudolph and all of his associates - - or shall I say, family, which is the wide-awake Blackman.

You may say, “well, this sounds very elementary, or very strange”, but then you, ask yourself, “where did he get this fantasy from”, and why was everything named or called what it is? And one thing that very few of us realize, is that We, the God, the Blackman, inspired or outright gave our open enemy the knowledge to do what he is doing. In essence, it is We that have caused him to name and label things that are important to us for the rise of the righteous, so that it was not left to chance by us who gave him this formula and knowledge for us “to guess up on”. Remember, the Ones who gave permission for his making made the statement: “I know what you know not.” Just a few words for you to ponder over.

In a sense, this is a very special “Christmas”, and we should take advantage of its MEANING in a way that it will gain and help to perpetuate our freedom to be God.

Very simple, if you know.
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