A Time For Everything
By Royall, Allah in Person
Let them keep running until the day comes up on them when they cannot lie their way out of it, when they cannot turn to the right nor to the left, cannot rise nor fall because of their acceptance of NOTHING instead of God, they shall experience an extremely miserable existence--where they cannot die and they cannot live.

The basis of a good argument is the amount of Truth that is in it. Outright plain, unadulterated stupidity is not an argument -- that is a showing of slight insanity!

There is an example of every kind of man to be shown to the righteous -- from the damnable to the blessed. You should pay close attention to the man claiming to be Seventhfam, he can only return from his madness if permitted BY ROYALL Allah in Person. And if you are in the same category and do not understand what madness is, no one explains things, especially about spiritual matters, using the foul, savage language that he does. All of you Brothers have labored under someone who is a hater of Allah. A hater of Truth, Why? Because when they find out that this is real it puts an end to their doing, and they have nothing else to do except to submit, and they seem to be unable. If this were not so, there would be no need for the fire. Many may think that the fire is FOR the Caucasian devil (or Whiteman). Without the knowledge of Allah that is rational thinking or logic. However, the fire is FOR THE BLACKMAN that has refused his own, and Whitefolks get to come along with him. The making of the Whiteman has never been so thorough and so divine that it takes that type of power to get rid of him. However, the Original Man that has agreed willingly to disobey the Supreme Being “to the death” shall receive death and beyond, to his destruction -- right along with Satan, since Satan, too, is a Blackman, nurtured and prepared in California, in a town called Carver.

There has never been a power that has been able to do ANYTHING with the entity of the Original Blackman -- UNTIL now. Just in you all doing what you are doing, it should be a strong indication to you that you are nowhere near the favor of Allah. Because of the Minister and the lies that he has put out, and having his followers to become liars with him, it has caused the hearts of the righteous to be sad, and you all keep going after the promise of glory in money in a future that you will never see. What makes it so bad is that you never see the system that is put in place that will produce it! You are just a blind, blind, blind, dead, dead, dead, deaf, deaf, deaf man. However, with all of your stupidity, it does not equate to the power and the Will of Allah -- ROYALL -- which many will come to see by what happens to you all.

Remember, He has to make Himself known -- so if this is the way that you want to find out that He is Who He Is, then keep it up! If you think that this is some type of “fantasy”, then ask the Minister -- because he already knows it. If you do not want to ask the Minister, then keep watching Seventhfam. This House of Righteousness MUST be cleaned up. That means dispelling and expelling all filth AND those who promote it.

In a few days, if not already, you will not be seeking the life of Solomon or the “destruction” or "denigration" of Solomon, rather it will be directed to your leaders. You all should be thankful in the core of your heart that the United Nation of Islam will even speak to you. Everyone else with any degree of knowledge will not even consider dialoguing with you. It makes no difference what you say one way or the other -- the Nation is being taken and without hands -- to the point that it shall be GIVEN, VERBALLY by your hypocritical Minister and anything that you say to that is just that: your saying it -- and it means nothing.

It is time that you grow up, or vanish. You and your lying Minister makes you believe that he cannot speak to the ones who are trying to learn? I, Allah, am not like that, for that which you have done to the least of Mine, you have done also to Me. So I take the time to answer questions to cause you to elevate out of your stupor of ignorance and then I Give you a duty so that you may have understanding. However, you Brothers do nothing, so understanding cannot come. I Am Here to make nothing SOMETHING, and you stiff-necked, hard-headed and rebellious are on the left side of nothing -- meaning unusable, and fit for NOTHING.

This talk concerning Allah, regardless to who you believe it is, is not going to be tolerated any longer. You will either say something right, intelligent, or say NOTHING. And if you must continue to be stupid and ignorant, I Shall Hear your cry along with it -- I will hear your wife CRY for a new husband -- your baby cry for warmth out in the cold -- your mother cry for the sanity of her son -- your father cry for mercy for you.

So I will not hear one-sided, slanted conversation about Me, AND I AM NOT A LIAR. To classify ROYALL, Allah in Person, as a liar like you is a death sentence -- to YOU.

The choice is yours.

ROYALL, Allah in Person -- whether you like it or not.

This is a response from The Supreme Being, delivered to you by the National Secretary, the one commissioned by Nature to handle such small matters.
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