An Explanation to End Confusion
By Royall, Allah in Person
January 16, 2002
There have been and are many attempts to identify certain pronounced spiritual or religious persons that are publicly known. Without the knowledge of The Plan of Allah it is very difficult for one to come to The Absolute, or to put a period to anything that is very vital in the expression of Allah. The books or literature (Bible and Quran) were purposely presented in a way where one could know only that there is a power greater than them until Allah (God) Shows up Himself to end ALL confusion that has developed because of Him.

I, Royall, have been and Am breaking the code, or seals, and Sharing The Understanding of key points of the said above, so as to end any excuse of one not being able to be saved. With that being said I will give the period --- Understanding --- to the few scripts that are written in the King James Bible, 2 Chronicles, Chapter 21, beginning with verse 12.

I Will Give The Understanding of the verses, and your part is to read the verses that I am giving understanding to --- and remember, a hint to the wise is sufficient.

From Verse 12-20, it is speaking about Messenger Elijah Muhammad, the Fruit of Islam, Minister Louis, and The Lord Himself. This should put a period to one that is wondering whether the Minister is backed by Allah and the Messenger. The explanation for each verse will be short, because of its length. If, for any reason, it raises a question in the reader, for further clarity call 1.800.331.7668.

Let’s begin:

2 Chronicles, Chapter 21

Verse 12:

The letter from Elijah to “him” represents a Brother by the name Jabril (Bernard Cushmeer), calling him back to perform his duty to walk in the way of his father --- the righteous --- David.

Verse 13:

Minister Louis has conducted himself in the way of the money-hungry king of Israel, or the world (capitalism), causing the poor followers of the Messenger, or the would-be righteous that joined in the Nation of Islam to empty their pockets for his behalf --- making them to pay over, and over, and over. While those that were steadfast with the Messenger’s teachings, he allowed many of them to die --- meaning suffering, the loss of friendship, the loss of brotherhood, the loss of spirit, causing them to go back into the nothingness, and then there are those who waited and are still waiting, and have done the best that they could in the Messenger’s absence, which proves that they are better than “him”.

Verse 14:

Because of such behavior as in verse 13, The Lord [Allah] has put the whole Nation of his followers --- not the Messenger’s followers, but his followers --- and their children and wives in what is known in the Nation as Class F, meaning many things can and will happen to them that are unpleasant.

Verse 15:

As far as the Minister, he did receive a disease in his intestines (bowels) until they had to be removed or taken out.

Verse 16-17:

This is the war that is going on at the PRESENT time, in the Middle East.

Verse 18:

This represents the radiation that is INCURABLE.

Verse 19:

The time it takes for the radiation to put a period to his life. Start your count beginning with the year 2000.

Verse 20:

He was 32 years old when he became “king” (and that was in the year 1965). He was made National Spokesman for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. He was born May 11, 1933. It is now the year 2002 --- 37 years from 1965, which makes him 69 at the present date. The eight ( years that he reigned in Jerusalem [Chicago] is not to be attached to the full reign of his time, however, that is the last eight years of him claiming to have “a Nation” from the years 1992 to 2000 --- when he officially went Orthodox --- ending his reign over the Nation of Islam. The time is extremely short for him and those who are following him to atone in the RIGHT WAY and to the RIGHT PERSON. There is much, much more that could be said about this. I do Know that this will help every True follower of The Messenger in that it shows that THERE IS NO COINCIDENCE in the lives of the righteous.

For those who would like to witness this explained in a greater depth, acquire the tape where I, Allah, ROYALL, explained this in the Temple Academy #27 in Los Angeles, California, January 13, 2002. The title of the tape: Explanation of The Time.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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