Trying to Judge Allah
I, Allah, Am Experiencing a few people who claim they have accepted Islam as taught by The Messenger or the up-to-date present and future tense of Islam being taught and developed by Me, which they say they agree with. However, after a period of time I noticed they are declined and absent in sharing and expressing the Truth that they bear witness to. When followed up on to ascertain the reason for their absence most of them use the excuse of saying it is because of someone else's behavior that has made them less responsive in sharing or participating in that which is so intensely needed - - - and that is magnifying the Truth, using the method of magnification. This behavior oft-times causes Me to Remember the dialogue between one of the Scientists and Myself aboard a small craft, and the part that stands out is the prediction that the Scientists shared with Me, that to be successful in saving the Blackman it was going to be almost as hard for Me as it was with The Messenger.

During the time of the delivering of The Message, the rhythm of the language was unheard of, nor experienced especially by the Blackman and to top it off, to state that Elijah was The Messenger of ALLAH, when there were already countries with millions of Muslims, a well-known Prophet honored and revered openly was unheard of nor accepted by the Muslim world or his own people.

Right up to this modern day, The Messenger's own son Akbar, speaks about his father and Master Fard Muhammad as though they are examples of supreme idiots. However, during the course of The Messenger's time, it was well-established that he was/is THE LAST MESSENGER OF ALLAH.

So it is with Allah Himself. There are those that call themselves followers of The Messenger and are trying to do the same to Me as the Eastern Muslims tried to do to Elijah. What made Elijah successful also ensures My Success. The stiff-necked, hard-headed Brothers and Sisters were allowed to die off after producing another generation (babies) which, before The Messenger passed had accepted The Messenger and The Message due to the Time and the activity of that Day.

Another person, another Time. During the Time of the prophets, angels, apostles, kings, potentates, and even Islam as we know it from the East AND The Last Messenger - - - everyone during that time had the choice of fluctuation because the end had not yet arrived. However, with Me, I AM THE END. The choice to vacillate or fluctuate has been removed by Me and rightfully so. If you are asking yourself how have I removed this, I Have Done So by merely answering the prayer of our wide-awake ancestors, providing A SYSTEM that will totally eradicate the effects of the slave mentality and the reason to "do" NOTHING. This system that I Have Put in place answers EVERY need of those that are in need of being saved. So, to be lazy today, and label Me as a "hypocrite" or "misguided" individual will get YOU removed from the planet - - - or preserved for The Hellfire.

Those of you that are with Me and those of you who are coming to be with Me in order for you to be effective in having any staying power, you MUST attend for a period of time the Mathematical Thinking Classes that were set up by Me. Anything less than that will not allow you to see how OR why I Am Doing what is being done, therefore leaving you to your own inaccurate system of judging that which you have no knowledge of.

These few words are still an extension of Mercy. Most of the said above individuals are constipated with suspicion because of their insufficient amount of mathematical evidence to make a sound decision or judgment, so they rely on what "is in their heart", which is usually greed or a need to be fed things that will magnify them and their self-aggrandizement..

I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, Am Here to be seen and studied so that you do not make a fatal mistake in dealing with or because of Me. To give others negative advice concerning something that is so open and plain it causes one to ponder the possibility of what could you possibly be thinking before it is determined that YOU have a diseased heart. You must remember - - - today, I Am accepting NO EXCUSES to the point of it being hard to even offer me a reason for your non-acceptance of your own Deliverance.

There is an insurmountable amount of knowledge that I would be Delighted in sharing with you. However, it is very difficult to share that which is not wanted; even if it means your life, or death. You would-be leaders who read this - - - think over this. Not one of you who is speaking ill of Me and what is being done by and from Me know what you SHOULD know concerning Myself.

So, I say again, do your homework. Time is not running out - - - it IS out. It is now just a matter of roll-call. Now, when your name is called, and we get the wrong answer, nothing positive can come from that, especially since the One you are answering to is HE THAT JUDGES ALL - - - Royall, Allah in Person.

P.S. If this seems a bit harsh, I leave you to consider The Time, and point out to Me IF YOU CAN, the "soft spot" or comfort-zone for the Blackman.
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By ROYALL, Allah in Person
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