Hints and Clues
By ROYALL, Allah in Person-
May 29, 2002
I, ROYALL, Decided to Write to the potentially-“wise”, or shall I say “the innocent”.

The process of becoming accountable for the knowledge that you have gained makes you to participate in the Mathematical Thinking of that process. Meaning: when you apply genuine thought to a hint or clue, when you arrive at the answer you experience a justified feeling because you have applied YOURSELF---not just be in agreement with someone else---and the conclusion is not “strange” to you. So, this Center Page will be rather short, however rather informative if one applies them self.

For instance, having the key to the present Time makes it possible to dictate and master the Time yet to come. It is clear that there is overwhelming evidence that all of the righteous, right up to Myself, have been and are lied upon. We should take a look at the word “lie”. There are two different spellings for “lie” [lye], both which mean the same: which is “do nothing”, “no promotion of life”, because there is no movement. And, when you tell a lie it produces no real movement.

Now for that which will help us to see The Time. Let us see if you can detect the difference between “Master” or “Allah”; “Elijah” or “The Messenger”. “Louis” or “Farrakhan”; “Nation” or “Nature”; “In the person of” or “in Person”; “Honorable” or “Praiseworthy”; “History” or “Prophecy”; “Old [present]” or “New”. These few terms are argued about daily because of the unwillingness to apply Mathematical Thinking that will bring clarity from these hints and clues.

I, Royall, Allah in Person, have indeed brought The Messenger back. He is not Elijah. The pronounced term of Elijah’s as we knew him is Messenger. So whenever you hear Me make the statement that I have brought Elijah back, it is for you to have the proper identification to the greater of his meanings---which is Messenger, that can never die. The Messenger of Allah, last known as “Elijah”, has been sent here to Earth many times under different names. What makes this time different, he was not sent---I Brought him back with an updated entity. So he is not Elijah the person, in flesh and blood. That body we have preserved. However, the entity that commanded that body is what I Brought back, which automatically makes The Messenger greater than the vessel we once knew him in.

Farrakhan, the helper of The Messenger, performed tasks just short of miracles, and now the person of Louis is expressing that name to the fullest---meaning that he is totally LOST. There are so many things that must be learned by the man or person who intends to live his or her life fully, and the greatest of all learning is the language of Truth. When one has achieved that, NO DOOR can be closed or shut to deny you.

This will be all for now. For those of you that feel witty, share with Us your findings or description of the unexplained examples posted here. It may prove to be a worthy task. And if you care, write your findings so that it may be thoroughly analyzed. And, remember, the Scientists are watching. Your ability to read the signs accurately justifies them placing them for Our review.

More next time,
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