By Royall, Allah in Person
June 22, 2002
There are many things in the Lessons given to Elijah Muhammad that made him more efficient as being The Messenger. Since I Have Begun Giving The Divine Interpretation of The Lessons, I Will Give a little bit more today that will help you to BE a better Muslim on the road to becoming God!

The words of the Introduction to the Problem Book should be investigated. I quote: .
"This Book teaches the Lost-Found Nation of Islam a thorough knowledge of our miserable condition in a mathematical way, when we were found by our Saviour W.D. Fard.".

The point that is being expressed here is that the God of unrighteousness (or evil) is the one who practiced mathematics that put us in this miserable condition. However his name is never mentioned. The only name that is mentioned here is W.D. Fard, and only because he is the one who pointed it out to us. And until this very day, he has not changed the condition, and the Whiteman -- or devil's -- name still is not mentioned. There is one thing that we did do, we also put in the Lessons or had The Messenger speak it, that if we wanted to be successful we had to use what our enemy USED, only in reverse. So, at this particular time I, ROYALL, Am ENDING the miserable condition by reversing the Math. This is why in The Message we have been informed that one day we would not speak of God because everybody would BE God through the CORRECT use of the Math. However, in the beginning My Name is mentioned frequently so that one can apply reality to the present miracle.

The same as the beginning of the works of the devil -- he was mentioned quite often, and when Fard pointed him out he was also mentioned quite often. However, the determining factor that allowed you to measure success or failure is one's USE of the Math. So, in the future there may be a Book called "Permanent Freedom by the Proper Use of Math", and no one's name will be mentioned. Think over this! Think over this! Think over this!


Allah in Person

P.S. I Will Be going into parts of The Problem Book for OUR OWN edification and understanding. So keep an eye out
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