By Royall, Allah in Person
July 3, 2002
There are numerous and countless things that happen to us in our development. One of the most damaging practices that was put in place by the slavemaster and perpetuated by the slave was to write on our pages of memory and experience a constant and persistent expression of our worthlessness, mentally reducing us to “nothing”. And then, through a mathematical equation, placed us in an activity that produced nothing for us, therefore making the statement “that we have nothing, and nothing is plenty for us”.
Even with the raising up of Elijah with a tremendous Message to mathematically acquaint us with the perpetrator of our past and present condition the “nothingness” is so instilled in the Blackman here in North America that even through the power of The Message it only caused him to open one eye for a period just above a “blink”. So today, with all that has been done pointing out what has happened and what must be done to reverse or rectify our present condition, the “nothing” minds and the emptiness of thinking are making the most noise against the piercing Light that is forcing the eyes open--so as to continue perpetuating the nothingness.
The few people that speak out concerning The Time and What Must Be Done and My Mastery of it are the very ones who seem to be the most empty of anything of substance--clinging to the nothingness while hoping to persuade those that may have a second thought that they accept that thought, which produces doubt.
Because the Presence of Allah has not been here for such a long time there is no way for Man--and especially the man that has the “nothing” thinking – to determine what, who and how Allah IS Allah, not knowing or realizing that this particular Spiritual War is between Allah and the force that is the cause of their “nothing” thinking. So, the best gauge that is available at this time to determine who Allah is, IS The One Who Can change the thinking from nothingness to Godliness. This is the first battle on the front-line of this spiritual war. It has the appearance of “nothing” taking place, when in fact nothing can happen WITHOUT it. So, to answer many critics’ questions as to whether I am dealing with the devil, or Satan, the answer is YES, and where you will find Me Being successful in this battle is in the changing of the thinking. Those that are close to Me in My Rotation--whether it be friend or foe--automatically start to pick up My Rotation or a residue from it, whereby it causes them to change, or to begin the process of thinking PROPERLY. It doesn’t take much effort to reshape or to reform the physical; however it takes Allah, and Allah ALONE to change the thinking or the makers OF the physical. And when it is absolutely determined that the process of changing the thinking has run its course all that refuse or are still clinging on to the nothing thinking will be destroyed and the thinking will be “We have destroyed nothing.” So there will not be a thought concerning the well-being, or any being of “nothing”.
The choice is to the reader. This old, archaic, out-dated attempt to kill The Messenger, thinking it will put the Light out of The Message is ineffective today. Trying to assassinate Allah through His Person by the use of your tongue is a waste of time, however, it does confirm your “nothing” thinking. And, in the Eyesight of Allah – nothing from nothing leaves nothing. One must remember that if the grooves have been wedged so deeply in the pages in ones mind that they cannot be reformed, then I, Allah, Will Make the rock cry out, and submit! There will be NO DENYING of What Must Be Done, and the key word here is MUST. It is an opportunity for you if you decide to be a part of this MUST.
For the past year, or more, I have been Freely sharing knowledge that no one is able to prove wrong simply because it isn’t. However, We are witnessing the amount of insult that Truth has on “nothing”--or the “nothing thinking”. I and those Who are With Me are rapidly moving away from being able to hear from those that possess the nothing thinking. It is much like the question asked about the tree falling in the forest when no one is around. “Does it make a sound?” It makes it, however there is no one there to record it, so if you are not careful the same will apply with you--your “noise” will not be recorded.
Allah in Person
P.S. In the reading of The Message delivered by Elijah Muhammad , to be in accord with The Time today you MUST seek out the future, perfect tense in the Lessons, or The Message. Accepting the whole Message today is no different in accepting a bony fish In order to eat it, one must be careful to separate the meat from the bone—the same MUST be done with The Message—lest you lose your life or suffer a difficulty.

A Complimentary to the Center Page
By Royall, Allah In Person
July 3, 2002

It has been so long since the Blackman has been seen as himself that it is hard to imagine what he looks like being himself. It is much like the dark side of the Moon, which is never "seen", however we know that it does exist.

I, Royall, Allah In Person am now making it possible for the Blackman as he really is by Creation to be seen, so as to attract the Blackman that has no knowledge of what he really is to the fountain of Youth and Creation. In the process of preparing a Celebration of Freedom we have received many, many, many compliments from Man and Mankind concerning our appearance to the point of it being "unbelievable". Making it justifiable for us at this time of Independence in the year 2002 to raise our flag for Freedom. So, for all of those that are waiting to see spare no expense nor sacrifice to attend and witness this Historical Event, so as to satisfy the quest of I'll belive it when I see it.

It now exist to be seen. Do your part.

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