Satan is the only recognizable force that has made his world successful. He is the source of all disappointment and misery untold. He is faithful and diligent and he is never found not doing his duty. He is always on his post creating havoc. He has been around The Supreme Being ever since The Creation. He has learned and reacts to the order of Creation in such a manner that he "seems" perfect. He has learned to do things in such a manner that it is hard to detect that it is him. He is so intertwined in all activities of life that he is written about in all spiritual, religious and non-religious literature. He is a force that I Have Seen that gives me clear knowledge of the mastery that he has gained from Allah and His Creation.

This is a force that is so thorough, regardless to whom or what it is intertwined with, he is there. So it makes it seem as though he is a force which is impossible to get rid of, so much so that everyone automatically "accepts him". So regardless what level one reaches or achieves in life, every door that they possibly can reach or step through, they will meet Satan--waiting there for them.

When one is a child, or a grown-up acting childish, they have very little to fear from Satan. However as soon as one graduates to adulthood the attention one gains from him is to the proportion that it almost paralyzes you to remain in the state of childhood. By the time you finish correcting, readjusting and doing-over, you will have found that you made no progress. All of the diversions, obstacles and hardship that one experiences because of Satan can only be attributed to the person that is giving him the power for Satan to use against you.

On the 7th of July, 2002, The Flag of Creation was raised by Permission of The Supreme Being, who is The Head of The United Nation of Islam. From the moment of it being raised, Satan jumped out from everywhere and everybody causing everyone to re-evaluate their dedication to Truth and the value of it. For the first three- to four-days everyone was brought to a knee because of the fury of Satan witnessing the sign from the Universe of his end. So as to get everyone who participated in the beginning of this new level, and at their weakest point, while stepping into the next level brought about a real trial that allowed everyone to see in which direction they use their strength -- whether for right or for wrong.

It is well known that Satan has no power over us, or over life. He is only successful to the degree of power that you give him. So everyone that is in The United Nation of Islam, is associated or affiliated with said Nation received a "Satan check". However, I, ROYALL -- Allah in Person -- Am Witnessing the reward on the prior teaching on this force which has enabled all but one or two to survive and multiply in strength of said trial. So now we are well on the way to the next door, or next level, which is proving to the Blackman who is participating that he is God -- and there is no power in the Universe other than his, that has any authority over him.

So I am writing these few words to the Blackman who has accepted his own to bear witness and to encourage continuous participation. Victory is already ours. There is no win for Satan or those who find it attractive to be in his service. And, always remember, you will not be rid of Satan until I, ROYALL, destroy him. Until then use what I have given you to keep Satan in check, and do not look for him OUTSIDE of yourself, for he is within you--with plenty to say. However, I, Also am in you with plenty of Truth to share.
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