September 18, 2002
The command stated above – Wait! – is one of the most difficult things to do. It boldly implies a pending action or event that is expected to occur in a given future time. This command – “Wait!” – is given several times in the Quran and Bible. In the Quran it states: “Wait, for We are waiting too!” This statement implies that even the divine or righteous cannot escape the pending reality due to the ever-increasing preparation for the future.

“Wait!” is an active pressure applied to the knower of said future, and only the intelligent or wise have the discipline and ability to endure such pressure or wait until what they are waiting for materializes – such as today. Very few Black men, the Originators of the Heavens and the Earth, are exercising the discipline that is necessary to wait. Life has become so uncertain that the unlearned or impatient ones want what they want immediately without paying the price of waiting. However, there is a term called patience that must be expressed to be successful at waiting. The person who has the most knowledge or vision must express the highest level of patience to realize the reward of his wait. This word patience, in its meaning, requires something from the participant in the form of payment before the wait can reward him. These are just a few words to cause one to know that all of your great expectations from Allah to Produce something “instantly”, or “right away” will soon become disenchanted and develop the process of failure through disbelief.

I, Royall, Allah in Person, Am without a doubt – and I mean without a doubt – dealing with the most intense and universal problem ever attempted to be solved. Many things that one may anticipate will take place in a timely manner will absolutely be done within that expected time. However in many cases, because of the level of non-thinking of the people, what is “expected” may be delayed – however never beyond its designated time. Because of the magnitude of said problem the wait is always longer than anticipated, especially when the thinking of the people is considered. If the thinking of the people was omitted or disregarded everything would take place almost instantly. Nothing is more important to Allah – Me – than to See or Experience My Will in its fullness. However, because of the Promise that has been made concerning you, the Lost Blackman, and his Maker the Original Allah, I – Royall – Allah in Person must endure until the end of your ability to constantly reject what is plainly put in motion for the Blackman. However, I do have the Will and the Patience, and the Knowledge and Wisdom coupled with Understanding to out-perform and out-wait those that are bringing about the cause of the wait. So I shall not fail, be dismayed or broken-hearted! Victory, and the REWARD of the waiting is forever present in My Ability to see that which you do not.

Blackman, the Time has changed, and is still changing. That which you used to know and do is no longer effective in this Day and Time. So for those of you that do not know what is really taking place and see what I Am doing, and that it is good for our people, I urge you to participate so as to help to produce that which you are waiting for. I shall be successful with or without you. I would much rather it be with you.

For those of you that are waiting with the knowledge of the “We”, or God, the wait for you is all but over. And remember, during the pressing reality of your wait, it always has an end, so be sure that you are on the positive side of said payment for your wait.

Allah in Person
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