Overlooking The Obvious
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
It has become increasingly clear that the obvious has been overlooked by Minister Louis, filtering on down to his followers and others that look to him for guidance.

From the time of 1990 when I sent The Messenger in his New Form and my daughter Moreen -- who the Minister described as being "pushy" in her mannerisms and expression -- to the time when I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, visited him in 1991 on two separate occasions I explained to him My Identity and what I Was Doing, and GOING to Do. There is a natural law placed in creation that rewards one for what they do or do not. And at that time there could have been no greater reward than for The Minister to receive or allow the New Book, which is Me, Royall, to be revealed (introduced) through him. It would have relieved the Blackman as a people from his slavemaster and restored him to his original position as God of the Universe. Secondly, it would have given Me the opportunity to show forth power at a higher level, making Myself Known to the one (Minister), causing him to receive the glory due only to God. However, because of his outright refusal caused him to fall victim to the shiny things of this world.

A Supreme Show of Power was expressed from Me to Him so as to remove any doubt in his mind that I Am Who I Presented Myself to Be. This event caused such a great anger in him that he made the statement that "he would go to Satan first, or die before he would give up the Nation" (My People) to Me. The sad part about it is that he was never asked to give the Nation up. The statement from Me was and is: "that I Am Here to give him Relief." He changed it to "relieve him" -- BIG difference. I knowing that scripture had to run its course, I started to fulfill my part which is to make ALL things New, and because of the Minister's refusal, I Started from zero.

From the time of 1996 until this present day I've been developing a SYSTEM that will and is producing said objective -- Freedom for the Blackman. Everything from thinking, food, clothing and shelter is in motion as I speak. Money, good homes, and friendships in all walks of life, peace of mind and contentment of heart is literally right at our doorsill. Everything that the Blackman would need has been provided; it now only has to be magnified. The greatest of all of these things is the change of thinking that is produced for the Blackman by Me, Allah. This causes him to master all that exists and allows him the freedom and comfort to explore that which the mind has not conceived, or above that which is found in the heart.

This post to some (followers) may seem to be a waste of your time, only because of your peering in the dark (looking) trying to find some ray of light that you can make sense of. Not knowing that if you turn yourself to He Who originated the Light all things would be made clear. The classes that are set up which teach how to never be tricked or fooled are a indication of the Purity of heart of such teacher. And remember the best way to show love is to tell the Truth.

The perfect way is to teach the Truth. In essence I have produced heaven and the opportunity for you Blackman, to magnify said heaven. This is all that is required from Me to you. It is very obvious from the posts that come from Me are full of knowledge which no other leader or want-to-be-leader is sharing or giving including Minister Louis, Silis, John Muhammad or Chicago's John Muhammad and it is simply because they don't have it. Because of so much time being wasted, it is obvious that you had better have a God and pray it's the right one. Time has gotten to be so serious and intense that I have decided to match the time, making it possible for the righteous to have a way out. And even the dumb, when they take a serious look, they can find no entity -- whether it be Nation, organization, or group (etc.) that will take them out of the path of destruction EXCEPT The United Nation of Islam.

In a sense this has been a long time coming and because I am doing what should and must be done there are a few demonic people trying to close the door, or put the light out of The U.N.O.I., so as to assure "victory" for Satan. What is being expressed about the Nation of Islam is far different from that of the detractors. What's being expressed about the Nation of Islam is 100% dissatisfaction and because of that there is a place for them to go, however, the ferocious lies and hatred for Allah that is being expressed is only in a sense to close the door for the dissatisfied of the world. In the face of such urgency no detractor -- if asked "where or what has Allah provided for us as a way out that has not already been tried?" -- Is able to answer it.

As each day passes it becomes more and more obvious The Brilliance of Allah -- ROYALL -- and the stupidity of the opposers. A small hint or clue: I am never found running after you -- only pointing out the door or opportunity for you to take advantage of simply because WHEN you get tired of this day-by-day misery that is when you will come.

I hope, for you, it is not too late, and don't say: "If I were Allah I would make you come!" Remember, you still have a choice, to live or die. And if you live there is no other place than with Me.

The choice is yours.

Royall, Allah in Person
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