By ROYALL, Allah in Person
This is one of the mysteries that baffle the mind of mankind and many men, because of its ability to be perpetual in maintaining its light without being refueled, has created extensive study of how this could be possible. The Sun is a unique body of light, which is brighter than the stars, controlled and rules the nine known planets in its sphere. The Sun provides light, heat, and Life for the planet. The duties of the Sun are so vast that it is inconceivable that it came into existence by accident – however, that is exactly what happened – or another term would be “happenstance”.

The Blackman, which is known to be The Creator or Creation existed trillions of years before this marvelous event. Before the Sun there was no known light in the universe, there was only total darkness. Allah Himself was The Light of His Creation – meaning knowledge was expressed in such a way it required no physical Light, especially in space. Because of an ever-increasing irritant brought Allah to a flustrating decision to introduce a set law that placed life in a decline, or “die”, which means death was introduced in Creation.

The first to experience this Law was Allah, The Supreme Being Himself, and because He did it, all Life had to experience the same until this very day it has not changed. A decision that was made by Allah was to lay his physical body down, leave it, and return to His Essence which was an Atom reproduced by Him of Himself, and left dormant in space. The returning to that Atom would prove to be the key which would serve as a relief from said flustration and because of such speed that He struck the waiting Atom with it, lit – or one may say “ignited” – thus producing this first light in space that would give the whereabouts of Allah to the seven planets that were bustling with life before his departure.

In Order for the Gods to remember who is the Original Being (Man) we never change the color of what he was created out of – darkness – to the point of being Black, although light, or white, is more easily seen to the physical eye. All intelligent life that is a part of or a fraction of The Supreme Being Himself from all seven planets must do as He Has Done (die), and go where He has gone – which is to The Sun. And because of this process is the sole reason for the endless source of its power. The decision made by the Original Allah and myself has started to break the cycle because of My Arrival. The activity in Time has been speeded up because of being in the conclusion of said decision of ending Death. As a reminder of the rate of speed we moved at because of such long life, is the turtle. I, Royall, Am Bringing us back to that possibility if that is what you choose because there will be no need to rush to stay ahead of an opposing force, leaving one time to perform everything perfectly.

There is much, much more, however I am Careful only to teach My People, and not so much our open enemy, whom I am thanked by Jesus, your Brother, for not sharing this knowledge with the proud one (open enemy). I am somewhat excited about the idea of sharing certain details with you in the unseen, or mind-to-mind, ensuring our privacy. I do expect from these posts to generate enough will in the Blackman to graduate to the point of making this a reality. Remember, God makes Gods. More to Come.

Royall, Allah in Person
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