By Royall, Allah in Person
Color is the result of a vibration of light on the density of an object that washes the eye that creates degrees of thought-power. Color combined with sound allows one to have an easy out-of-the-body experience which unlocks the vehicle of travel to countless places and time, which aid and give meaning to the present and future power of thought (vision). Color is a motivator of action, unlike the darkness, where light has not penetrated to produce said colors, causes one to become still even to the point of closing the eyes! Brings fear to motion or movement. Some of the stabilizing colors that are agreeable to the mind of men:

Red, because of its suggestive power of freedom;
Blue, for its deep spiritual power;
Yellow, the color of power because of its suggestive power of choice and determination; Green, suggests power of New life, to the point of calling teenagers “greenhorns”;
White, which stands for purity, because of the absence of color;
And the Father of them all Black – the essence of all color.

These are just a few colors that, if arranged properly in your life, will add peace and longevity to said life.

One should give thanks to Allah for producing the Sun that adds spice to your Life by producing a ray of different colors. When man comes back to the proper use of things placed in nature for his use he will experience a time not known to him.

I suggest that this tidbit of knowledge be used and utilized as part of man’s reunion back with his Creator.

More to come.

Royall, Allah in Person
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