Common Sense
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
Common sense is the fractions or sense that make up the basic foundation for the accepted building blocks of life, which usually is so natural it is not purposely taught. The gaining of this knowledge begins at infancy. It really borders on wordless knowledge. The Blackman is a master at speaking it, however paralyzed when it comes to expressing it. The world today has placed on the Blackman a pressing need for him to wakeup. Although his actions show that common sense is no longer common today. Every man on the face of this earth except the Blackman uses common sense for his own survival, or at least there is a coalition that expresses common sense for the whole of their people.

Common sense today is being ignored by the Blackman for his own survival. They are so in love with the Whiteman that they would do anything to be with or near their open enemy against their own use of common sense. One of the first things used in common sense is the law of self-preservation, which the Blackman refuses to use - even in the face of his own annihilation. I Royall, Allah in Person am spearheading the possibility of the Blackman's self-preservation by providing a system that answers the need of said problem.

Here are a few things that we must have:
(1) Food grown and processed by us.
(2) Clothing, manufactured by us for us.
(3) Homes that are built or produced for us that are agreeable to thought which should be more oval than square.
(4) A different means of currency.

These few things are in place for the express purpose of self-preservation - which the Blackman is saying “no” to.

We have had more than a few decades of talks and literary awareness of our problem and what must be done which the Blackman is caught up in - looking at what must be done and not doing it. Before I started the building of our needs by use of common sense I spoke to the leader of the Nation of Islam because he was in place and had the necessary wherewithal to put the needs of our survival in motion. I spoke about him in such a way that I knew he would hear, hoping he would move out on the base of common sense and because of Me, he purchased a fleet of trucks with nothing to haul. He built a restaurant to feed only himself. He purchased a Mosque to talk about common sense. He purchased a Palace to make it appear that common sense was really serving the people. He called for a Million Men and did not use common sense to ask them to join the Nation, or to extract the brilliant minds that were collectively there - making the use of common sense no longer common.

The problem still faces the Blackman. He is still looking for a God out in the sky, and a heaven “oh, so high”. He is unable to see that when he is hungry or out of doors he will go to his enemy seeking relief from said condition - thinking he is using common sense. Today, his open enemy is being beset on all four sides and in every activity that he is active in, bringing everything to a halt. During this same time, I, ROYALL, Am Building a nation that is and will answer the great need of our people just by the use of common sense. So, for every man that sees the need for the use of common sense may employ it immediately in the building of the salvation before it is too late,

I, ROYALL, Invite you to read as many, if not all of the Center Pages put out by me and see if the basis of them all stems from the use of Common Sense. Hurry and don't delay. Re-acquaint yourself with common sense.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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