As Promised - The Glorious Quran, Part I
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
There is a method to justify everything that exists, whether it be before your existence or what is brought in after your existence. There is a reason why.

The Glorious book called Quran must be looked at in such a way that it will render the "why" of its existence. Allah, Being The Creator and The Maker of all things or He Gives His Permission so it is with the Quran, a book that has been given to mankind to recite often and/or to read often; a book that is a revealed book to mankind from Allah through Prophet Muhammad.

To be intelligent about finding the "why" of such book, we would have to search the reason Allah Allowed such book to be issued to mankind, especially when Allah is The Creator and The Maker of Man and Mankind. It would confirm Allah's Knowledge if what He wanted Man to know He put in his genes, therefore eliminating the necessity of carrying around an extra weight. There is no book greater than The Book of Nature, so with that being a fact why is it necessary for this book for mankind? It would have to be because mankind is not a created creature being endowed with the Laws and Principles of Nature and all that is needed to be known of Creation! So as a mercy to the made man We Gave him a portion of Our Glory in printed form, called "Quran".

Because this kind of knowledge or instruction was needed for the made man to be tolerable around the civilized or shall I say "Gods" it is considered Mercy from Us to him to instruct him on that which he is missing by nature, and leaving him in a way where it seems like it is freshly given each time it is read or recited.

No God or Man gives to the person what belongs to them by Nature as "a favor" because it is already there, it only needs to be developed. In the case of this particular man it is stated from God "today, I Have completed my favor to you. You may have Islam as a religion", and the book that We gave him to eliminate excuses is a book, wherein it is True Guidance for those who want to be guided aright. The Original Man needs no Quran, He is already endowed with that level of knowledge!

No Father has to write a book because his children cannot remember their name and what it means it is in their genes. And this is why in North America, the New Man being shaped and fashioned by Allah Himself needs only to be developed because of The New that has already been placed in him and this, the Quran cannot do; it cannot bring one out of the circle of the norm or of the old. It is an instruction as to how mankind should conduct himself before the New is brought about.

This may take a little thought because of the Power of The Truth found in the Quran, and it is often said that no one is capable of producing another book that is it's equal. However, even with that being said, the Quran does not match, nor is it an equal to The Book of Nature. It even asks us in our lessons "Who made Bible and Quran?" We must remember that The Maker of said book only shared the knowledge that was necessary for those who wanted to be guided aright.

These are a few words, Blackman, that need to be studied so as to place you back in your responsible position of being the head of Creation and no longer the tail. There is A New Book on the scene today Who gives complete clarity to The Quran, and is the doorway into the Hereafter. If one was to hear words from either page of this New Book, it automatically stimulates them to seek out something new and disregard what is known as the old making the prophecy in scripture where it reads: 'He makes all things new, and the old, former things are passed away.' Today, Blackman, you have in your midst The Maker of all books of Truth; The One you have to lend ear to.

Think over these few words, and that which you have no understanding of, seek it, and I Shall Give It, if asked.


Allah in Person

P.S. There is much, much more for Me to Share, and for you to learn about said Book and Its Origin.
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