Simple Errors
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
In the Lessons given to us through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad we are reminded or admonished to be very careful in the use of language.

Language is the natural process of communicating thoughts and ideas that provide the base for civilized and intelligent growth. It actually is a medium or doorway that puts one in direct contact with Allah -- The Supreme Being -- Himself. This is a reality that is utilized or capitalized on by our open enemy, the Caucasian. It is used by the enemy as a weapon against Allah and His People by causing and encouraging the Blackman, especially here in North America, to develop and to maintain a sloppy, suggestive use of this language; therefore keeping the once-slave, Blackman, tied to his lower self, unable to see the God of righteousness that he is by nature.

The Blackman in North America has lost any hope gained by the proper use of the English language to the point of being the God of its misuse, developing the dark side of this language in what is known today as "Ebonics", when clearly it is written and/or prophesized that Allah sends His Messenger or Prophet to whom He wants to inform of His Will in the language that they speak. In the case of the Blackman here in North America a Messenger was raised by Allah speaking the language in which His People were caught up in, leaving with them his will in their language in printed form, leaving them no excuse for the misuse of it -- to the point of Allah coming, in His own person himself, to share and explain the decisiveness of said language to insure the purity of His Will. However, I, Royall, Allah in Person, am Experiencing the purposeful misuse of the language by and from the people that it is designed to save. For example, here are a few errors made in the interpretation and the use of the language.

1. "Allah, in the person of" . . . ERROR, accepting the person to be Allah .
2. "Allah, Master Fard Muhammad" . . . ERROR, personalizing Allah.
3. My God, and/or "My Messenger" ERROR, improper use of ownership.
4. "Belief" ERROR, out of time.
5. "All Black men make up Allah," or "they are Allah". ERROR, overlooking the significance of One.
6. Using the term "Master" to represent The God. ERROR, placing a boundary on The God.
7. Charging followers and officials for failures. ERROR, misplaced authority.

These are a few commonly used errors that will not allow freedom to penetrate the sphere of the thinking of the users of said errors above. The fuel used to perpetuate these errors stems mostly from personalism that is placed above the use of RIGHT. If the reader of The Center Page is a Muslim that was enlightened by The Messenger and the Lessons he allowed us to have, should remember and utilize the Lessons of being quick thinkers, fast movers, right up to modern time, which will allow us to break the circle or boundary of the entrapments of slavery in all of its forms. Now, for the proper use of said errors above, it must be communicated as such:

1. For Allah to be accepted AS the Person, the name of the person must first appear before the title, "Allah". This indicates WHO Allah is, not that Allah is that person.
  1. "Master" is never to be used in the description of Allah because it places him in a boundary, and because "Master" eliminates the possibility of creating, and when using the word "Master" a question always follows, which is "Master of what?"
3. Number 3 speaks for itself. It is out of order to be the owner or master of your superior.
4. Because of the fact that Allah is present in His Own Person, it erases the excuse for belief, making it willfully out of time -- in other words, Allah is The All Knowing, and His Will is for you to KNOW, whereby canceling out the over-used term "belief".
5. This is a very dangerous acceptance of "Allah" if truly believed because it will not allow you to see Allah in His True sequence. It is very unwise to lump or include The One in with the All because of One being independent of The All.
6. For the mere fact that whatever is to be mastered must already exist which was brought into existence by someone else, which contradicts Allah being "The All Knower" and/or The All-in-All.
7. This blatant error is a perfect example of a misused term posted above. Overlooking the head and charging the body for the error that the head instructs the body to do, or permits the body to do.

These are a few errors if and when they are corrected by said user they will find the power of Truth and freedom working on their behalf. The possibilities are endless once put into practice. So speak the language to yourself correctly, because "she knows all about you."

ROYALL, Allah in Person

P.S. Study this and realize the rightness shared from Me to you.
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