Freedom or "Perceived Freedom"
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
Freedom is an experience derived from a set of laws that govern thought and motion. Freedom is a reality of an achievement sought after more than life itself by both man and mankind, and which to date has not been accomplished.

This should raise a question from the so-called intelligent life form (man) as to why the said statement above is true -- especially after witnessing the cure of diseases, and the ability to travel in deep space. Is it that man and mankind should develop a different set of disciplines, or submit to the discipline of Nature, so as to realize said freedom? The search for ways to achieve freedom is outliving its time and now that the universe is calling for it, what must be done? The answer has already been given in prophecy, which is "know the Truth, and it will set you free" -- so the key factor here is Truth.

Question: What is Truth? It is the universal independent that needs no support and is capable of standing on its own. So why is it so difficult for man to achieve said freedom? Answer: Because of the constant use of the material and system of the enemy of Truth, perpetually preventing man from realizing said objective.

For the Blackman (righteous) to experience freedom, he must respect and practice the laws and principles written in the open book (Nature). He must be open and clear and clean in his thoughts, actions and relations with others, and this must be done by him as a People. This behavior is much like walking in the light of the Sun with 20-20 vision while the spiritual eye is reflecting clarity of the unseen.

Now, for the perceived freedom that the world of mankind operates on daily, this freedom only appears to be. Perceived in darkness and the darker it is, the more comfortable the wrong-doer feels that he is "unseen", leaving him "free" to do as he will; always forgetting the works done at night -- whether it be good or bad -- will be brought to the light and seen for what it is. So we have People of our kind operating in the degrading practices of the arch-deceiver, thinking that they can put the Light out before it shines on them, and robs them of their freedom to be "secret" -- for example, The Messenger's son Wallace, and the main hypocrite of The Messenger -- Minister Louis, Moreen, the backstabbing traitor of her father and all of the helpers of the night (imps) that form against the light are now being exposed only because they accepted mankind's PERCEPTION of freedom.

This is a New Day and one must remember the time for "perception" is over. You now must know The -- THE -- T H E Truth, and IT will make you free.

Accept it or leave it alone.

ROYALL, Allah in Person

P.S. I will be going into the explanation of The Student Enrollment, by request, at my next writing or writings.
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