The Sure Way To Hell
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
June 18, 2003
The knowledge being shared in this post is very essential to the Blackman and his rise, regardless to how distasteful it may be.

The Blackman is confronted with a severe problem which carries with it a distasteful and unwanted solution which mainly consists of resisting laziness and then and only then will he begin to realize a meaningful difference in his existence. Now the greatest problem that must be solved, is how to get the Black woman to accept her natural place with the Blackman in this tremendous endeavor. The time has come wherein the Blackman must do something in the way of returning to his Godhood and because our natural pleasure that we have made for ourselves (the Black woman) has been taught and raised by our enemy makes it all but impossible to bring her back into being the Blackman's heaven.

Her behavior is as such that not even the penalty of death is serious enough to cause her to want to be the heaven for the Blackman in his return to be himself, which is the God of it all. The process of raising the messenger was not enough, even though he shared enough knowledge that served as food for thought concerning this subject. For example, there are two sayings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad that must not be glossed over by the shallow-thinking Blackman, and they are:

1. "He wanted a different human being than himself, so he studied himself. He made a woman by studying himself. He made a woman secondly, so this would solve his problem of a search for another man."

2. "The woman has learned that the man is more exalted before God than she because of her weakness."

These are sayings that must be understood because they are most certainly true. However in our great stupor of ignorance, the Black woman appears to be the strength that is needed to make things happen in a leadership role, however that is not to be because of her being made by us, which by nature makes her second. Which automatically makes her dependent, so the effects of following her is a sure way to hell, which the Quran verifies.

This dependent state applies to all life which automatically cancels out Divine leadership by No. 2 - the dependent one. As great as The Messenger (Elijah Muhammad) was, his service was unable to put a period to this ever-pressing problem and because of that what he erected fell.

In the Divine Order of life and authority after the Father comes the Mother (in this case The Messenger) and the first child to be born or developed from said union of Father and Mother is a daughter - in this case Minister Louis Farrakhan. Keep in mind that these two positions expressed by The Messenger and the Minister (Farrakhan) are the position and character of a female. Today we have clear evidence of the followers of this spiritual daughter (Minister Louis), who have been led straight to Hell and there is no avoiding said destination unless The One Who Is Independent - in this case Allah, in His Own Person, Royall, The Independent One - intervenes and takes you from the clutches of the master of your destination, Satan, himself, all will perish leaving Me to develop "Plan Be", which is to produce a New Woman that will be the Blackman's heaven. This bit of knowledge is generally unknown, however it will give you clearer sight and better understanding of the Blackman's current condition after experiencing the recent leadership of the feminine characteristics of Minister Louis Farrakhan and for all of the rejecters of this knowledge, expect more of your present condition with greater intensity.

The sooner you learn that Royall, Allah in Person is the only one independent, the quicker your difficulties will subside. So fly to Me and receive peace and relief.

Accept it or leave it alone.

Royall, Allah in Person
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