By ROYALL, Allah in Person
June 25, 2003
"Expectation" -- it is a mental condition produced by promises made by those that are seemingly capable of producing that which is expected. This condition or practice produces many different emotions, mainly in the one that is experiencing "expectations". Just about everyone with any measure of responsibility has experienced the fruit of, or the disappointment of expectations.

Today, expectation has risen to an all-time high, or just the opposite. The greatest expectation one can draw upon is that of the righteous which is The Coming of Allah in Person, and because the world has made so many frivolous and false claims concerning this sensitive matter, whereby creating a perpetual circle of confusion in trying to determine the Truth of God's Coming. The English language that is used by the righteous is designed and utilized for the purpose of hiding the Truth and to make it impossible to arrive at a definite. This has fostered belief systems that perpetuate misunderstanding of the promise and the signs given in prophecy.

The righteous have been denied an acceptable and reasonable understanding of the Time of Allah's Arrival, and "how". This confusion has caused wars, and a myriad of physical ailments by this denial. The ones most affected by this tragedy are the official leaders and representatives of Allah Himself. The leader, if not fortified in the ability to read the signs and correlate the time correctly, will begin to realize his shortcomings or weakness, which oft-time, after a period of time, produces anger directed toward Allah -- The One he is to represent. This anger further produces spiritual blindness, and then an outright rebelliousness against Allah in an effort to deny Allah of those He Came to save. This scenario is being lived out in this very date by Minister Louis, the National Representative for the Nation of Islam. Also many of the followers of the Messenger (Elijah Muhammad) are experiencing the same thing, and this is easily proven by the way I am responded to BY them. Nearly everything that comes from their tongue, that they would look for or would want Allah to do, is being done, or a system is put in place to be sure that the expected becomes a reality BY Me -- Royall, Allah in Person.

The reality of this Truth is undeniable, so there is no other authority greater than I to point out these stones of stumbling. I Share Knowledge that produces understanding of the past, present and future -- including prophecy. I Have a system in place that will answer all needs of the righteous, however because of the constant misunderstanding of "what to expect", "when to expect it", and "how to expect it", has brought about the ignorant rebelliousness, against Me -- Allah in Person. Very seldom is the Knowledge that I share ever addressed because of the rightness of it, and if studied clarity will automatically prevail, therefore ending your excuse for the personal attacks on The Author of said Knowledge.

Without this clarity you will remain deadlocked in a circle of confusion, such as shown on Jason's board, the Farrakhanfactor. If this deadlock is not broken, then those that are caught up in it will die, simply because I will not accept or permit it to continue.

Accept it or leave it alone,

Royall, Allah in Person
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