The Eye
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
July 24, 2003
The eye is an organ that is referred to as a mirror and a window to the soul. It allows one with proper knowledge to see in the body the entity and the well-being of the body. it also allows the entity within to look outward which produces protection from impending danger. Using the eye properly causes the entity to properly judge the handiwork of the mind. In fact, it produces quite a bit of independence for the body and soul (entity).

The eye performs many, many, many functions, however, in all of its functions to enhance life it can be denied just by a blink or the shutting of the eyelids. Of course this is all in the physical. There must be an eye that is in accord with Allah and His Will which is unable to deny Allah at any time, and this eye is referred to as the "Third Eye" or spiritual eye. This is an eye that deals with the essence of all things or, shall I say, that which produces all things, It is a perfect connection or avenue to Allah, the Creator, which causes mastery in whatever the endeavor may be if this eye is used properly.

The main emphasis on the use of this eye today is to bring the Blackman, the once-slave in North America back to his status of being God. The proper use of this "eye" eliminates followers and makes one very efficient in utilizing the past and present to justify the future.

God and Man are only justified in cleaning someone else's house after cleaning His first. The Nation of Islam, which was put into motion by Allah, is recognized by Allah as being His House. However, the persistent, childish behavior from the family of Allah in His House is troubling and out of time for Allah to spend any more time for the cleaning of His House. The children of this House were taught by the mother that if they would not allow themselves to be brought up or prepared by the mother for Allah, then the only thing that Allah could do is to kill them. Allah, being The God and/or Father of the children, is not to be found doing the duty of the mother, nor is the mother capable of doing the duty of The Father. These overgrown children that accepted Islam under The Messenger (their mother) refused to utilize their Third Eye, therefore never connecting with their Father -- the Origin of it all.

A helpful hint to the rebellious ones: Re-familiarize yourself with the Teachings of The Messenger, and single out all of the future-tense in The Message, and allow logic, reasoning, and Mathematical Thinking to reconnect you to the function of the Third Eye. Failure to use this God-given eye equals total death -- something that is unpleasant for a Father to perform, however, need outweighs wants or pleasure.

There is a powerful Son of Truth produced by the mother (Messenger) which answers the request of Master Fard Muhammad for The Messenger to produce One, and he -- Master Fard Muhammad -- would walk up a 40-mile mountain (years) and eat rattlesnakes (Caucasians) to ensure the production of this One. The Messenger's instructions to the children in general is that they must "give ear" to This One that he produced in this part of the world. The listening by the use of the ear is the perfect food or incentive for the use of the third eye because it eliminates all distractions produced by the physical eye -- a perfect introduction to the Father.

Once again, if these few words have brought clarity, or a question, be free to contact Me, Royall, Allah in Person, or anyone with Me that is utilizing their Third Eye. To hesitate could result into disaster.

Royall, Allah in Person
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