National Secretary Abass Rassoull
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
September 1, 2003
A few words to be placed in memory and honor of National Secretary Abass Rassoull -- a giant of a Man. There is no other man to this current date who has been more effective for the physical growth of the Nation of Islam under the leadership of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Likewise, so it is with his second tour of Duty -- in The United Nation of Islam, spiritually headed by Me, ROYALL, Allah in Person.
Almost single-handedly Secretary Abass has made The United Nation of Islam known world-wide. Abass has kept his duty to his Lord as instructed by The Messenger of Allah, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to tell you what MUST BE DONE AFTER THE COMING OF GOD -- and this he has done. Abass was a main ingredient calculated in the scheme of things for the purpose of the salvation and the rise of the Blackman. The effectiveness of his duty will be felt forever whether he is known or not. He is so important to the idea of building the Righteous Kingdom that he is called by name in prophesy -- which is Bezaleel -- and also is so trusted by King David (Elijah) that he was instructed to place King Solomon on David's mule (Seat over the Kingdom) under the title "Nathan the Prophet".
What I have experienced in My Own Person, as Being Allah, is that there has been no person more serious or dedicated in performing his duty than Secretary Abass Rassoull. This experience forged a love between the two of us to the point of granting him of that which he asked. He often stated that he knew he was 'not going to make it to the Hereafter'--coupled with the continuous asking for forgiveness of the wrongs that he had committed. I never acknowledged forgiveness for him, only that he should perform his duty well and leave the past in the past. After completing the final task of causing The UNOI to have the physical power to produce freedom, he made the statement "it is done, my duty is completed." His final request was for Me to allow him to take a long rest, and without hesitation the request was honored.
To the righteous and the onlookers there is much to be learned from the history and prophesy of this man. Secretary Abass Rassoull visited this planet for nearly 70 years. He passed, and returned to the Sun on August 27, 2003, between 4 and 7 a.m. Abass is and will be missed by all that knew him. And to the scholars -- the fullness of this man Abass Rassoull is represented in prophesy by 'the Moon' that the woman (Messenger) was standing on, who was clothed in the Sun, with twelve stars as a crown. Something to think over.
I, ROYALL, Allah in Person shall remember Abass in a most rewarding way in the near future. Now it is up to the Blackman to take advantage of the physical groundwork and foundation prepared by Abass for our Independence.
So get busy!
Royall, Allah in Person

Due to the sensitive nature of the business that Rassoull was conducting, it was unwise in confirming his death before securing the success of his work that he gave his life for.

The following link to the document, Hereafter -- Is a reprint of a handwritten document, pinned by National Secretary Abass Rassoull while in Conakry in the West African country of Guinea in September, 2002.
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