Child and Parents
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
January 19, 2004

Child and parents is still a state of reality that shows the priorities of Allah's Will for Man to practice on. There is no other way to grow and develop from the simplest of things than from the production of Family.

This Divine practice of producing or developing a Family has been denied to us (Blackman) as a people here in North America. This denial by the Caucasian has caused the Blackman to be unable to determine or develop the Divine priority built in Creation -- as a result it makes the time very crucial for Natural Order to be restored in the Black Family. This present condition is spoken about in prophesy and because of a Promise made by Allah, these conditions are brought about. Part of the Promise is that God, Himself, Would Come and Retrieve us. The problem for the Blackman is not knowing how Allah will do this.

If the Blackman had not lost the knowledge of Family and its order, there would be no need for God to Come after or Retrieve them. However, this is the method being used that the Blackman is unaware of. First, there is A Man (MFM) that is in accord with the Divine Laws of Family (Creation). For that knowledge to show power it must be shared with a receptive person by Nature (Woman -- The Honorable Elijah Muhammad) in such a manner that she is willing to reproduce herself and her husband (children) to show her value and love of what her husband has taught her.

This process -- when performed Right -- creates a oneness between Husband and Wife which guards against break-ups and/or divorces unless Death is the agent. The process of rearing the children in the initial stages by the Mother makes her to know the Divinity of her Man. The child is an open book with nothing written on the pages. After a short period of nursing and sleeping the child is then ready for the writing to start filling the pages. They become very excited, reaching for more and more and more -- oft-times going ahead of the parents' willingness to teach, only because experiencing the knowledge is slower than teaching it. This causes a problem to the disorganized family, as we see today. The Child experiences the feeling which is encouraged by Satan to go outside of the protection of his parents to get what he "believes" his parents do not know or are unwilling to teach him. When this occurs, immediately, the child is confronted with uncontrollable feelings and emotion that they are unable to cope with, which bring about shame and guilt -- twin devils which lock the child out of learning and places him in circle of failure, mistrust and denial.

This scenario is the perfect example of what has happened to us from following our "foster parents" (Caucasian). I, ROYALL, Allah in Person have come to restore the Blackman (Family) to his rightful place. I first appeared in the person of Master Fard Muhammad (MFM) sharing great knowledge with a man styled as a "woman" to produce spiritual children from said knowledge. The children produced from said union are now of the age and maturity to engage their thought and being with their Father -- Allah in Person -- which will restore the Family Unit and cause the Earth to gladly give up her bounty once again.

Remember Blackman, the Children are the future, and if they are not prepared by us, they WILL BE our end.

Read over this as often as necessary to find the subtlety which produces the greatest magnification.

Thank you for reading!

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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