By ROYALL, Allah in Person
February 22, 2004
There are many things that plague the Blackman here in North America and across the planet that will not allow the Blackman to change or improve his condition. No one respects us as a people because of our disrespectful behavior. There are certain laws in Nature that must be repeated for any degree of progress, or just to be in harmony. And these are laws that generally allow for flexibility, however the Blackman usually takes these Laws for granted, or just outright ignores them, which produces a daily misery so subtle that it baffles him as to determine what is wrong, causing him to accept the term "well, that's the way Life is."

The Blackman is unaware of the particulars and principles of Life, which causes him to reap the rewards of disrespect from other men (Nations) that are applying and utilizing said Laws and principles. Respect is a reality that one acquires by making oneself repeat the particulars of Life until it becomes a part of him -- therefore EARNING respect, which justifies being RESPECTED. For the past 70 years the Blackman and so-called Black leaders have ignored the effort of Allah, who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, to be respected again after being taught the purpose and the how we were made a nothing people.

We are still disrespected. Respect is something that must be EARNED, which we as a People have not done. We refuse to do the simplest of things, such as teaching self after Allah Developed schools and universities; feeding ourselves after Allah acquired land and equipment; housing ourselves after Allah produced homes; clothing ourselves after Allah produced cotton and wool for us through his direct servant -- The Honorable Elijah Muhammad -- which produced a respect that is reflected upon to this very day.

The Nation of Respect (Islam) fell as prophesied and it is also prophesied that it WILL rise again never to fall -- which is producing the rise of the respect level by producing the simple needs of Life that all other civilized Nations enjoy. Today, there are NO leaders doing ANY leading. No one is making it possible for us as a People to be respected.

I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, Am Keeping My Promise to put the Blackman back on top and restore the respect by producing a system FOR HIM to produce some heaven for himself. One should take note -- even the wicked have gained respect by making a heaven for themselves and in return, giving the Blackman "a job" in his manufactured ?heaven?! Remember, it does not benefit the Blackman for one or two of us to be respected because of his or her "achievements" in the world of the wicked. Also, remember, that Allah chose YOU Blackman, and I Will Not Change My Choice.

We will be one or nothing so fly to Allah and witness the much-needed respect.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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