The Fire
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
May 10, 2004
A method of finalization to the riddance of the problem that has irritated the Supreme Being for trillions of years. It is Allah's Will that He Experience perpetual cleanliness, leaving Him free of unwanted pollution in all of its forms. There are many, many ways and things that is used by the wise to bring about cleanliness, however there is nothing known or found that can cleanse the entity and protect it from the intrusion of the overwhelming suggestion of wrong.

This post, The Fire, should be studied very carefully because of the finality of it. There are many scriptures and warnings in all spiritual and religious doctrine of this "Fire". The problem that hinders one from accepting the reality of such finalization has not been conceived in the thinking of man or mankind. Since the very essence of life is programmed to multiply and perpetuate itself it makes it difficult for one to see the end of said process. Those that are familiar with The Message given to us by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad should remember this fire is The End (Period) to the cause of wrong and the birth of perfection ushered in by The New Allah -- The One that makes All Things New. It is often recited about The Fire that "burns in Hell" which causes one to doubt such existence because no one has located where this "Hell" actually exists, and because of that it is almost impossible to cause our people (the Blackman) to understand that he is in Hell, even with all of the references and proof that North America is Hell and the pit of it.

This is why it takes Allah, Himself, to Bring clarity and understanding to that which must be understood before the Fire is kindled over this country. This Fire is described as "a lake of Fire", meaning it has a boundary, and the Quran speaks of placing 19 guards around it to ensure no entry or escape unless ordered by The Supreme Being. This Fire is to purify whatever weakness that is found in the God. The main objective is to cleanse the entity or destroy it. And in this particular fire FLESH is no challenge because of its known weakness, because of such finality placed on this aspect of Creation.

No reason or excuse will be accepted for you to avoid the destiny of such purpose. Now before you, the reader, cast this warning aside, take the necessary time to read over The Messenger's literature, and read all of The Center Pages intensely that I have shared with you all, and prepare yourself to avoid The Fire. There is much more that can be shared about this reality, and those of you that diligently pursue clarity in this manner will find the unbelievable to be True Indeed.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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