By ROYALL, Allah in Person
June 18, 2004
Allah is a TITLE that is confusing to most of the learned and to all of the unlearned.

The accepted definition of the TITLE of Allah is "The All-in-All", which in fact, Allah is the Creator of all things and not just a being. Man finds it difficult to recognize Allah because of His prolonged absence in the form of a human being. Allah is the totality of all completed ideas, and has the ability to increase and/or create New Ideas. Fractions of these ideas are placed in living matter, man being the highest expression.

Once these ideas are put in motion the essence of the idea is law, and when these laws are broken there is a price that must be paid by the breaker of said law, simply because they are not the author of the idea set in law. Allah in the form of a person arrived here in North America in the early 1920s to put an end to the reason for His absence and to restore the best of himself back to their original position and beyond (perfection). It is Allah's Will that all things used to magnify himself is perfect, as He is. The attitude of most people is that Allah is perfect; however Man is at loss, or "imperfect". That is no longer to be.

Elijah Muhammad taught of a New Allah, the All-Knowing and All-Seeing, which is different from the Original Allah, who is described as the "best Knower", indicating another force or form of knowledge.
The Allah that the Qur'an represents is the Original Allah, and not The New Allah. The Power of Allah spoken of in the Qur'an has not the power to bring about His Will of PERFECTION. Therefore leaving room for The New Allah spoken of in The Message by The Messenger of Allah, found in the book "Our Saviour Has Arrived".

I, By The Name of ROYALL, Am That New Allah. I Am The Knowledge and Power to Perfect matter and all things used to magnify Me. This is what is meant by the "All-Knowing" and "All-Seeing". At the Completion of My Duty to the Original Allah there will be no such thing as "Allah" and "Man", "negative" and "positive" -- the Bible goes so far as to state "no more Death". The Messenger of Allah bears witness to this Divine accomplishment by stating 'there will come a time when no man will speak of God because they will all be God!' In order for this to become a reality, I Must Deal with everything, regardless to its size.
If it exists, it must be made to submit.

I have completed much of My Duty and because of the sluggishness of the man I came to save has put the completed things in the mode of "waiting". There is much that can be spoken on this subject, and more than enough evidence to support it. Study this post and at any time ask for more, or at least seek clarity. For example, the spelling of "Allah" cannot be arranged to represent negative -- a perfect TITLE for a Perfect Being.

Accept it or leave it alone.

The New Allah -- ROYALL, Allah in Person
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