Woe, to the Black Woman, Part I
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
June 3, 2005
This is a warning to the Black Woman that is long overdue. The Black Woman, here in North America, has gained recognition from our open enemy far above her man. This recognition has blinded her from seeing her man above the status of "male". The open enemy Caucasian is the man and god that she serves, therefore it is impossible for the Black Woman to even consider the Black Man as being God.

The White Man has played a damnable trick on the Black Woman which places her at odds with the REAL God -- The One that the White Man cannot protect her from. We are living at the end of time where everything must join unto its own kind.

I, Royall, Allah in Person, am not asking nor demanding for anything to "act" outside of its Nature. It is always left up to the individual to seek a closeness with The Creator in a positive way. We have made every man -- meaning the Brown Man, Red Man, Yellow Man and White Man, and most of all the Black Man, a woman for them that is just like them. However, today, the White Man has two women -- his own and the Black Woman. This reality is so devastating to the rise of the Black Man that it was stated from the saviour (Master Fard Muhammad) that he was here to get the White Man and the Black Woman off the back of the Black Man. The behavior towards the Black male is never a concern to respond to by Me if both parties -- male and female -- are pleased with the devil's world. However, when a Brother decides to turn and accept his own and his Black Woman (meaning: mother, sister, wife, cousin) works hard against his turning -- such as "alerting the authorities" of this world for Child Support which is being paid freely by the father without the court's intervention, denial of parental rights, the seeking of alimony, offering him up to his enemy JUST BECAUSE he is making the turn to He who Originates the Heaven and the Earth MAKES IT a concern of Mine.

The Black Woman engaged in such devlishment has no idea that she is at war against The Supreme Being. If the Brother is genuine in his turn, I, Being Allah, must protect him at all costs. This warning only applies to the Black Woman who devotes her time in stopping the Black Man from uniting with His God. Remember Black Woman, you AND the open enemy have not seen the Black Man as he REALLY is. So check yourself before the Black Man remembers your evil against him and employs vengeance with My Permission, which will be no escape for you or the open enemy;

Woe to the Black Woman -- a warning from God.

ROYALL, Allah in Person.
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