A Job or Duty?
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
January 28, 2007
Due to our very long period of being absent from performing our duties, we have confused duties as being jobs, or vice versa. I and those who are with Me are consciously building a Nation. In the process of building a Nation the work that must be done causes one to lose the concept of Nation, which then causes one to look upon his duties as a job. This presents a grievous difficulty because it makes one to lose his or her value in their own eyesight, which makes one think in terms of fractions, which causes temporary blindness in seeing their duty in building this Nation, meaning, seeing the fullness of this idea and working toward its completion.

The Nation that I am building is a physical expression of our righteous nature which is so greatly needed as it is prophesied. The present Nation that we live and participate in (U.S.A.) is a Nation against our Nature which never allows you to see the total idea. So we as a people have been held captive as fractions in the function of this Nation. This has caused many members in The United Nation of Islam to view their duty through the eye of our enemy therefore making the idea of the righteous Nation appear as a fraction and nothing else worthy of your time.

The fact of the matter: the Blackman, when being himself, is a very, very complicated human work of art. So when thinking of his Nation his sight must reach further than a few fractions. His vision must be so universal that he must experience like-thinking, perfect harmony, in past, present and future tense, meaning, he must understand the past, the present and purpose for the future. And to further clarify, the Nation that is being built, is the spiritual, mental and physical expression that encompasses the Universe and the sphere of our thinking, not just some piece of land like all other Nations claim as their foundation.

We have read the history and have performed the necessary research which documents the many difficulties in producing these different Nations of the world, so it is somewhat the same in producing our Nation. However, one should always remember the hardest point is at the beginning or start, and getting this giant, Giant, GIANT ball rolling is more than just a notion. However, the ball will develop its own energy to perpetuate its own motion, therefore bringing ease after difficulty. There is no one else that is our rival. The Time and the conditions of The Time is driving our necessary help to us.

I say to the Members of The United Nation of Islam: hold fast and keep your duty, so when the flood of help and participants make their appearance you will be found always floating at the top. As a recap keeping your duty means expressing who and what you really are, and a job is something that temporarily occupies your time for a small reward.

ROYALL, Allah in Person

P.S. Stay tuned for more timely posts.. The next one may be an explanation of "007".
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