By Royall, Allah in Person
June 28, 2007
This is a short explanation of the importance of "007".

The reality of this particular number has been waited on for eons. In short, this is the Time when The Creator of that which is to be New is to make himself known as just that -- a New God! Numbers represent the language of symbols. There have been two Gods on the scene until now -- one being Allah, the Originator of all things, and the other, Satan, the destroyer of all things, if allowed.

Now, this period of time that is being utilized to usher in the New makes the prior or previous Gods at the point of Zero -- both the Originator and Satan. The Original Allah is at the blessing of this New God, and Satan is at the Mercy of this New God -- meaning that The New God has to start from Zero twice, or shall I say utilizing his power on both -- the one He blesses, the other He destroys. There will be no more even numbers that will represent Allah. They will always be the uneven numbers, and this is the beginning of it. Those of you who have done any studying at all may recall a time spoken of and written of that no man would know nor would it be conceived in his heart or mind -- it would be totally New, and all of the old things will pass away.

This is the time of Perfection. We are starting off with a Zero people who are to be made New, and only by the God that is New! So, before this year is out everyone who has an ounce of wisdom will begin to realize they are living in and under a Power that they have no authority over. This New God is Self-Created like the Original Allah. Because of the friendship forged between the two, all problems, difficulties and mistakes made by the Original Allah or permitted by him will be rectified or erased by this New Allah, therefore having our friendship forever. The magnitude of what is being spoken here, if studied, will give fuel for the thinking mind for as long as that mind can think.

The United Nation of Islam formed and developed by Me -- Royall, Allah in Person -- is the Home that you will never leave if you accept it, and if not, the eye of the stiff-necked and rebellious who refuses such an offer will never see the Hereafter, however, they will have a good opportunity to experience the process of getting rid of that which is not wanted.

We are now living on and in the Seventh planet, and from this planet to Mercury, will not experience or ever know of anything called Satan. This is the final. There is much more that can be shared about this, however, this is just a little to think over.

Thank You!

Royall, Allah in Person
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