The Universal Scientists (Power in it's Rare Form)
By Royall, Allah in Person
June 5, 2009
In referring to the Universal Scientists, they are beings that are produced or created by the Original Allah and I the New Allah. These are beings that perform perfect motion, past, present and future by the use of Supreme Mathematics and the tucking and folding of what was, what is and what shall be. These Universal Scientists number, at this time, to be 24. Their abilities supersede that of any other known knowledge of the universes. To ensure the completed Will of the Creator (Original Allah) these Scientists are equipped in such a manner to never, and I mean never, experience failure in whatever they decide to do or assigned to do.

What is to be said here in these writings about the Scientists is very, very, very limited, for the purpose of protection for the righteously ignorant in their form of “miss” and “dis” belief. To show the harmony between the Original Allah and Myself, being the New Allah, We have placed Our Scientists together. All uneven numbered Scientists are of My creation and all of the even numbers are the Original Allah's creation. This shows a joint acceptance of each other, which also lends power to our success.

The majority of population here on Earth have not seen them; but yet felt and seen the effects of them, unknowingly. However, in the process of raising the vibration in the planet and especially certain parts of the planet, they will become visible. What a glorious day that will be. Personally, I am anxiously awaiting to be in their presence visibly once again. It is well known to most Earthlings that God (Allah) is described as Love and I must admit that description is true and is glorified and magnified by the Scientists in which we speak.

During my term of duty here on this planet, I have produced several sons from Me and because of the input of the Original Allah and the Scientists, we are producing an expanded foundation for My creation (Universe) and a show of appreciation for the Original Allah's creation.

These particular sons that are with Me at this time are: A Scientist, The Law Man, The King, A Master and more; all for the purpose of complementing and magnifying life and the love of it. Their names will be revealed at a later date, when they are more mature in their attributes. I am very thankful to have permission to express these few words of the bright and shining future in the way of the Original Allah and the Scientists.

All of you have shown Me pure love and this is My written attempt to express My love and appreciation in return. I am more than blessed to have such friends and there is always room to experience more.


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