By Solomon, Allah in Person
August 29, 2001
Due to the recent events and discussions pertaining to the expiration or tragic death of Aaliyah, it proves to be a perfect time for the sharing of the knowledge of Death and its components. According to the rhythm of Creation, it confirms Death as being the evil accident of Time which nothing or no one will or shall escape until I, Allah in Person, Destroy the cause of it.

There are many forms of Death--most of its cause is ignorance. As it is prophesied [Allah Speaking]: "My people lose their life for the lack of knowledge AFTER knowledge was sent to them and they rejected it"--another clear case of ignorance causing My people to lose their life. In other words death IS the pronounced twin of ignorance. When this twin shows up, that is the end--or the period--to that particular life. However, today, as it is written, confusion is running rampant because of the refusal to accept the knowledge that is being freely given by Me, Allah in Person. Neither ignorance nor death has any concern as to what color you are, how pretty you are, how young you are, how old you are, how big you are, how small you are, how influential or how charismatic you are. The ONLY thing that will postpone death--so that one can live a full life to the point that he agrees that he is ready to leave--is knowledge and an abundance of it COUPLED with Understanding.

The only measurable difference between ignorance and death itself, is that in ignorance you may be living, however DEAD TO LIFE AND THE PROCESS OF IT, which we are witnessing in especially our people--caught up into ignorance to the degree that we can find no boundaries. This was understandable BEFORE the raising up of the Messenger to us here in the wilderness of North America.

After the reality of The Messenger and The Message we can find no valid reason for our people--the Original man here in North America--to be as ignorant as he is, and especially the supposed-to-be Messenger's helper, Minister Louis. It is expected when you are young to be ignorant of some things--however when Allah Has prepared an individual to dispel the darkness or ignorance, and the one that was prepared changes his instructions and instead teaches the young to be ignorant AND how to be effective at it, this scenario is a sad state of affairs. It causes our young people to show an interest TO WANT TO KNOW the meaning or essence of LIFE, however they are ROBBED of that possibility and made to think that it will "come in another time", or "from a distant land", or from "a book called Quran".

All of the ones that have passed or are in the process of passing BECAUSE of the refusal to share the keys of life with said individuals, their misery, death and the spilling of their blood will be on the hands of the ones who have robbed them. To be dead mentally and alive, physically, is a painful reality to experience. The majority of the young--whether they be in church or not, whether they be in the Temple or not--conduct themselves at the lowest level of knowledge which is that of a beast, and which most certainly is not in harmony with the knowledge of Allah, or of His Presence when this CAN BE EASILY eradicated--or shall I say it MUST BE ERADICATED, or the Earth WILL BE smitten with a curse!

So because of the evilness of the Time the wide-awake man can see the mental death that the world is in confirming the description that death "is the evil accident of Time".

Those that are with Me do not mourn death, nor do we speak of it as though we will experience it. Death, in its natural form, is extremely weak. Usually, it has to wait until the one it hopes to overtake stops their forward motion and waits for death to catch up with him. Such as "retirement". Even in this world of sin usually one is lucky enough to escape death by accident. When they retire, and once they sit in their rocking chair and stop their forward motion, death creeps up. So, as long as you are with Me in the process of building The Righteous Kingdom, there will always be forward motion or CREATIVITY, therefore keeping death at bay until the fullness of The Plan has been Completed. Then, and only then, Will I Destroy death and all of its properties, and there will never again be any concern of death by ANY means.

The Reality that I Love more than anything that exists is Truth being LIVED. If you are young and ignorant, there is no attraction; if you are old and ignorant, there is no attraction. If you are intelligent and display a thirst for Truth and knowledge, then age makes no difference--it is you that Will Receive My Love. And lastly, death is NEVER supposed to be, nor intended to be glorified by anyone. To do so is to be in complete harmony with Satan--the author of it [death]. That is why it is stated that "I'd rather have a live dog than a dead lion."

So, those of us that are THINKERS or would want to be and call yourselves Muslims, ponder over these few words so as to arrange your thinking in the proper manner--to be in accord with the New Reality, the expression of Life in a Truthful way.

P.S. Remember the saying of the Messenger, "let the dead bury the dead"--showing that there are two pronounced levels of death in which the living show no participation. Home
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