Cause and Effect
By Solomon, Allah in Person
September 20, 2001
Because most everyone is in the dark about what has happened during this dreadful hour (or, the shock of the hour), it is bringing up a natural reaction to those that are in the dark, called FEAR.

In the study of such attribute we find that the greatest cause of fear is the unknown. What would be a surprise to the intelligent man is the inordinate amount of fear brought about due to the recent tragic event. The surprising part is all the Christians that are supposed to know God and Jesus are lost as to why, and what must be done, proving that their knowledge of God and of Divine things is little-to-none.

And as a "first cousin" to the Christians are the Muslim followers of Louis Farrakhan--scared to death, because they, like the Christians CLAIM to know Allah, now there is clear evidence that their claim is false. At least the Christians are talking about revenge, holding 24-hour conversations to sort out all that they can find as to how it happened, while the Muslim followers of Minister Louis are afraid to pronounce their own name, bearing witness that they do not know Allah, nor anything about Him.

Had Minister Louis not gone off the course of The Messenger's Teachings, they and many more Black men would know EXACTLY what is taking place--and why. Therefore if silence is required it would be silence with no fear, like those that are with Me -- Solomon, Allah in Person. We have not been silent because of fear, it is because this is not our affair, and what removes fear is the knowledge of knowing exactly what is taking place--and why.

The Christians refuse to leave the image of the man Jesus and come into the full knowledge of his very purpose--which has got them locked in fear and vengeance. It is truly amazing how people call me everything but what I AM, only to find out that I AM the only way out. I will be speaking in various cities, so whatever the outcome may be towards the attendance, there will be no fault cast against Me, for you will have your own self-accusing spirit to wrestle with. As it is known that self is the most formidable opponent, because to win, or come out the victor, you have to use and submit to total Truth, which most people are reluctant to accept. As far as this world and its affairs, the people or beings that brought it to this particular time, have only themselves to reward or destroy. Remember, Allah Sat and Waited for each man (race) to run its course. And it has only been for the last 70 years that Allah PUBLICLY put things in motion for the righteous that is to be the protection for them in this Day and Time.

Most of us in this generation do not know the real nature or the fullness of the nature of Yacub's made man. You are about to get a first-hand experience--then We will see how many of you stick to the idea that "there was no Yacub", and that "Elijah made that up".

As the old wise man says, "YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET ...".

The Messenger's literature is filled with hints and clues of today's activities and tomorrow's promise. However, he has never been fully accepted, and I, Allah, Am experiencing the same as My Messenger experienced. So, now, you will experience the reward from your own behavior, and we all will see if THAT is the cup of tea that you wanted to drink from. The ones with Minister Louis are so hung up on HIM that they have no way of knowing how to gain Truth, nor to recognize it.

So that you will not forget, this is just the first against the all-out assault against the enemies of right. And, as The Messenger said enough times in the past, that you had better find A GOD, because you are going to need one. There will be no other Allah, because there is no other Allah except Me, Solomon--Allah in Person. So I am very comfortable in watching you try to find your way out of space, or your attempt to live longer than infinity, or for you to find the beginning of a circle. I have been called everything but what I am. I will wait to see how long that continues.

The Jehovah's Witness and the Seventh Day Adventists have planned for this day. They have bought properties off the beaten path, so as to be somewhat comfortable in this troubled hour. What has The Minister provided for the Muslims under The Messenger, or those who came in after The Messenger passed? Is there a place for you -- off of the beaten path?, or is your destiny to be beat up along the path? Something for you to think about -- ASAP. So I say to you and to all concerned the same as I said to Minister Louis: "I am not going to go away UNTIL I Have Accomplished the Promise that I Made to the Righteous."

It is a sobering experience to have nearly EVERYONE pointing and directing negative towards Me--The Supreme Being. However, it does not phase Me, because it is like the wind; forever passing away. I Do Know that I WIll be the last Person to be Accepted for Who I Am. In the process of KNOWING, I Had it written that in the beginning, no one of stature of this world nor of the Muslim world had any questions for me -- UNTIL they were satisfied that they really had no answers to their questions. So, Minister Louis or anyone else that represents the righteous (or our people) will be asking questions for the purpose of RELIEF -- right up to the Caucasians, and the Mother of this country: the Queen of Sheba (England). What brings complete comfort to Me is that I Do Have the Answer, so to avoid further embarrassment take the hint.

Solomon, Allah in Person
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