The Beginning of Rejection
By Solomon, Allah in Person
October 3, 2001
Due to the many inquiries during the course of this Tour that I Am currently making, the question is asked too often: "what is the difference between The United Nation of Islam, and the Nation of Islam", and "why hasn't the Minister said anything concerning The United Nation of Islam?"

This is asked during the meetings, and at Table Talks after the meeting. So it is My Decision to Share a little Light on this subject, so that during the future meetings the public may be a bit more informed and aware, therefore allowing more time for the expression of knowledge rather than the feeding of information.

I have shared many things concerning The Minister and his behavior in bits and pieces. In this writing, I will share it in a much more cohesive manner.

I developed a true friendship with the Minister's blood brother Alvin Farrakhan when we were soldiering in New York in the year 1970, and beyond. In the year 1974 I was inspired to approach the Minister and alert him that not too far in the distant future, I Would Be Speaking with him, and also to give him something very important. He asked, at the time, "what is it that I am to receive from you?" I informed him that when The Time comes, I would let him know. In 1979 I was permitted an audience with the Minister and informed him that I had not too long returned from touring the Universe, and that it would come a time that he and I would have to be together. The determining factor to decide who would be with who would be WHO IS DOING THE MOST FOR OUR PEOPLE.

The next personal encounter was in 1990, and I proceeded to seek him out to keep My Promise. However, this was after I had sent The Messenger to him, accompanied by My Daughter. They spoke with him twice. This was done to prepare him for My visit. However, the Minister rejected the preparation. Keep in mind that The Messenger had promised him 'if you stick to my teachings while I am away, I will, upon my return, reveal the New Book through you'.

On one of my visits to Chicago to spend Saviour's Day with some of his followers, I encountered Alvin Farrakhan's wife, Shekinah. I met with them twice. They were both so taken with what I Shared with them, that they demanded the second meeting. When Alvin's wife told him whom she had met and listened to, Alvin immediately got in touch with Me. We talked on the telephone for about three (3) months before he asked Me, outright, to come to Chicago to be with him to help him with his present difficulties. So I did as he asked of Me.

I had not seen Alvin for approximately 20 years. When the meeting took place, I was quite taken from the state of poor health that he was experiencing, and I do mean poor. My Plan was to only stay for a couple of weeks, however the situation required much more time. So much so that I moved my whole family to Chicago, and utilized the time to change his health into what it should be and deal with his brother, the Minister, at the same time.

While there, My Daughter and others that were with Me expressed a deep will to attend Mosque #2 in Chicago. While they were attending a Study Class, they started to share some of what they had been taught by Me, Allah in Person. The class was amazed at their knowledge, until the Minister's daughter B.J., the MGT-Captain at the time, got wind of this. An audience was set up between Captain B.J., the Minister's daughter and Moreen, My Daughter. B.J. and her "henchmen" treated Moreen, My Daughter, so disrespectful to the point of almost being unbelievable. While we were being told the current behavior of the MGT Captain during the meeting, Alvin Farrakhan, the Minister's brother, broke down in tears because he knew that we were and are righteous people through him witnessing our character while staying in his house.

I had Alvin to go and inform the Minister of the said treatment of My Daughter and us. Captain B.J. had put an order out that we were not to come to "her Temple", or be found on any of the Nation's property. When asked: "why?" no explanation was given, other than "we had better follow the instruction." After informing the Minister, he did not rescind the order -- instead, he helped to inflame the situation by stating that I was "out of the Nation, in Class F", which was certainly untrue.

By Me Being Allah in Person, I Made a few things Happen, to ensure that I Most Certainly would keep My Promise of meeting the Minister at the appointed Time. During the course of that peaceful attempt, I was permitted to come to the Temple for the express purpose of receiving from the FOI "the worst thrashing of my life." And when the FOI attempted to carry it out in the basement of the Temple, I, Solomon, Allah in Person Caused them to abort their instructions. At the risk of being Myself, I made it possible and took the advantage of two meetings out of the three scheduled) with the Minister himself. From that point everything between us was "downhill" -- from the Minister's point of view, even from the attempt at taking My Life, which failed miserably, and I do mean miserably.

The event was so striking to the Minister it was like the same response that Pharoah expressed when he found out who The Deliverer really was -- for he was so shocked, or taken, that he could not even pronounce the prescribed judgment.

I caused the Minister to know everything that I was Doing through his Brother Alvin, who would go and tell him face-to-face, and the Minister decided to wage war on Myself, Allah in Person. And, through all of this, to the very time of this writing, the Minister has as of yet pointed out anything wrong that I Am Saying or Doing. His decision has been, and still is, that he would blind the people in such way that they would be unable to see the light -- although it was in their midst. So, as a living witness, the members of the NOI know nothing-to-very-little concerning Me, Allah in Person. Those that do have vowed secrecy.

It is now approaching 12-13 years from his initial rejection. There were many other things that took place between the Minister and Myself, as well as through his Brother Alvin, his son Louis II, and through his daughter-in-law so that one can see from the little that I have expressed of our relationship, I Have Kept My Promise. Because he has changed the Teachings, he was unable to recognize the Messenger or Me -- The New Book, therefore rendering the promise from The Messenger of revealing The New Book through him null and void. However, I Am I -- The Independent One -- and I do not need the Minister or any other Minister. It was an opportunity for his advancement, which he refused to accept. And now, the Day Has Come that no man can avert --to find that he has squandered his final opportunity to be in the favor of Allah in Person. Instead, he accepts the favor of the people, therefore gaining the world, and experiencing the loss of his very soul. This is not all that has taken place between he and I, however this should be enough for the wise to think over and come to a just decision.

You that are in the Nation of Islam are unable to understand what you have just read. You bear witness to the involuntary blindness that has been imposed upon you by the spiritual magician. This will benefit you greatly if you see it for the purpose and the necessity of this writing. As I always say: "Waste no time advancing in This direction."

Allah in Person

The biggest problem of the Nation of Islam under the leadership of Minister Louis is that the followers are always trying to express the thinking of their Minister instead of investigating thinking on their own. However that is the nature of a follower. As a clear, and simple example: the Blackman that we see in the street today or wherever we see him, if he is not with Me, he will have different degrees of savagery--meaning, his thinking is confused, so his appearance and actions follow his thinking--confusion. And so it is with the followers of the Minister.

The Minister has caused everyone to think that he is rejecting Solomon, and making it "no big deal" in his followers minds, when in fact the Minister rejected Allah, which has caused his followers to do the same, and now they are experiencing confusion and misery because of said rejection.
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