A Must-Read Bulletin
From Allah Himself
Named Royall, Styled as Solomon
So as to clear up any confusion or whispering of Satan into the ears of the righteous, I Am Giving a short understanding of the prior instructions concerning Minister Louis and his followers.

I -- Allah -- Have for some time Been Expressing the Attribute of Mercy to the point where there is no more for this particular situation, or scenario. The actions of the Minister, and his followers that bear witness to it, is giving off the strong impression that I -- Allah -- am unable to be successful in Being Myself without them. It gives the impression as though I Am begging, or that I need them--giving credence to the saying that: "you take my love and mercy for weakness". Therefore, I Shall Keep My Word, which is to tolerate no more ignorance from those that are supposed to know. The followers of the Minister have enjoyed the privilege and freedom to go where they will. So now, because of your own handiwork it has placed you into a restricted-zone. His followers in the Nation will NO LONGER be permitted to come amongst us as our Brothers and Sisters. You now shall be viewed as what you really are -- the enemies of Truth -- and treated as such.

I -- Allah -- Shall leave you alone in your inordinancy, to fumble, and stumble around in your own ignorance. I, Allah, Have taken your salvation extremely serious; however, as I Have Said many times, "I will not make you accept salvation, and you cannot make me accept Satan or the devil through your ignorance."

Because of this Tremendous Decision, WHENEVER a Member of The United Nation of Islam becomes knowledgeable of this bulletin (or announcement) they are not to participate with the followers of Minister Louis in any form WHATSOEVER, not even to the extent of the greetings of Peace. The House of Allah must be Cleaned up, and a thorough cleaning has now begun. I Shall not be held captive because of the fallacy in belief. Since it is I that Is Responsible to Make Things Known, I Shall Be found in my Right Place, and Doing just that. I will tell you, as The Messenger said, if not one accepts salvation, I will make the rocks submit--in other words, I Shall not be denied.

Those in the Nation of Islam, accept this or leave it alone. Those in The United Nation of Islam: leave the Minister's followers ALONE. This is an appropriate, and "must be" action. All mischief makers must be removed from our minds and our posts so as to accomplish said objective, which is building The Righteous Kingdom.

If there are any questions, write them on The United Nation of Islam message board, or consult a Minister in The United Nation of Islam. No more will be said of them, nor are we in The United Nation of Islam to write on their message boards, nor share with them any more knowledge.

This is it.

The Time is at Hand.


Solomon, Allah in Person
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