Allah's Use and Description of Time
By Solomon, Allah in Person
October 31, 2001
It is a proven fact that when you are without the knowledge of exactness from the origin of the reality of things, your fatal end always comes from complications and confusion. Such simple statements as "the birds and the bees" when referring to "love", and the great concern, or mystery of How Allah Determines the length of a Day are Truths that the leaders and the public should know and operate from. Today, for the leaders, to know and understand these simple principles, it is almost too late for them to implement them where it would make a sizable difference, or a measurable impression because of the maze of confusion that they have created for themselves. If we were to look at the term "Day", and then calculate the hours that are said to be in a day, we would find no night, such as "there are 24 hours in a day"-- which is really 23 hrs., 56 minutes and 46 seconds.

The main character of Day means "light", which allows one to see. So, when Allah issues out Time in YEARS and refers to it as "a Day", it simply means that The Idea that He is to Express from Beginning to End is clearly Seen by Him and those who He Shows it to. So, for that Idea, if it takes 1,000, 6,000, or 50,000 years until it reaches its conclusion, that is the extent of "the Day". When there is to be a New Idea, then night is allowed a period of time for one to gather the necessary thoughts to bring about or create a completion of an Idea. And when that is done, and put into motion, that is the end of the night.

So, in short, the length of an idea from its conception to its completion determines the length of "the Day". This does not refer to a "24-hour" day of the Earth rotating in its orbit around the Sun. That type of day is only a sign of the said above Day being discussed.

Since the essence of the Blackman are entities (a mass of completed ideas) that originate in the Sun, it is the main reason why the Sun never experiences darkness, because the Idea is so far-reaching and perpetual that it never allows night. Which those that are with Me, and I mean fully with Me, shall never experience darkness to the point of where The Messenger spoke of 'a time when there would be no darkness on the Earth period -because there will be no more reason for death' -- and/or the statement "money, good homes, and friendships in all walks of life, over night (New Idea). Those of you that are caught up in this world's madness, and find yourself reading this, and then draw a conclusion that this is most certainly "in error", you should stop and think again. This knowledge is not being presented to you from confusion only in its simplicity.

Enough to think on for right now. More to come later; always.

Solomon, Allah in Person
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