The Advantage of Truth
By Solomon, Allah in Person
November 14, 2001
The advantage of Truth is an experience that very few, if any, of The Chosen People - - the People who God Refers to as “His People” - - have as of yet to experience for the mere fact that God exercised His Will to cause Truth to lie still or dormant for a period of Time, however, His People and the reproduction of them did not cease. So this action brought an experience to the righteous that they had never known, one that kept them in perpetual disappointment and/or misery until the end of the prescribed time. After living for generations in and under these conditions it produced callouses or “hardened their hearts” against the practice of Truth, thereby producing a situation that only Allah - - The Supreme Being - - could change or put an end to. So everyone who has appeared to help usher in The Supreme Being, regardless to how powerful or charismatic they appeared to be, in the final analysis they were unable to raise the righteous back to their natural consciousness, which is one that fears God as He should be feared - - from the base of knowledge.
I, Allah in Person, Am Doing more than I Am Saying, and it must be done this way in order to bring about the effective change. I Must Do what has been said of Me, and that which has not, therefore giving the necessary stability, courage and determination to those that are attracted to be successful to endure until the end or, shall I say, The Beginning.

So of everyone today, whether they be leader or follower, pastor or parishioner, father or child, guide or guided, NO ONE - - and I mean no one - - is able to break the circle or cycle of the world’s present condition. One of the main attributes of Truth for one who lives by it, especially in this day and time if you are with Me, is that it allows one to make choices that are always in their favor. It allows you to always be successful and victorious in a conflict or difficulty. And the greatest and final reward of Truth is Freedom. Truth is the ingredient and foundation for Freedom. It allows one to move in more than just a circle - - unlike falsehood (or “other than Truth”), which always puts you at the mercy of circumstances, so, when you are lucky, and the circumstance is in your favor, you “thank God!”; and when luck is not in your favor and you experience disappointment, then you blame God.

So, today, these Center Pages and other knowledge that I Am Sharing, freely, is bringing an end to all excuses for failure in life at this time. I Am Sharing Knowledge in a way that conforms with Nature. To some this may seem elementary and not specific, yet this is how all babies and juveniles are taught. The seeker of Truth must be shared the knowledge that will give them the right foundation for learning - - and not in the way that this world conducts their “learning” (or, “training”). So everyone that is still hesitating and waiting for some other type of knowledge will lose, because when that type of knowledge is presented you will not have a base to feel comfortable because of your inability to comprehend. So I say to you, waste no more Time - - as I Have Said many other times before - - take advantage, and begin participating in the Building of your thinking (or mind), and of the physical Nation that you are most certainly going to need.

I have encountered so many Brothers, or people, who claim to have knowledge - - and some do have knowledge - - however there is always a boundary to their storeroom of knowledge, bringing them to an end - - which will justify their death.

So, I suggest that you FLY to Me; and when you arrive, then you and I will have time to develop the future. However, waste no time in coming.


Allah in Person
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