The Need of a Saviour
November 28, 2001
A Saviour? What is a Saviour? And according to the current problem of the world, who is it that is in most need of A Saviour? This is another way of looking at what I, Solomon, Allah in Person have been saying all along. When a person, or people, are in the line of danger to the point of losing their lives because of the lack of knowledge of the past and what is being done in the Present and Future--that is the Criterion for a Saviour, The One Who Knows the ins and outs of it ALL.

The only people that we can find in creation that is in need of a Saviour, and the only people that are looking for a Saviour is the Blackman here in North America--first, and above all of the other people on the planet. Why so? This is a man who has been robbed or has lost all knowledge of his self-worth. His relationship to Nature, and to the Author of it -- The First man ever to stand in or on the planet. What will make it very easy and simple for those who are reading this post, they need only ask themselves "what is it that you have, in the form of wearing clothes, driving automobiles, or even going to a theatre, what is it IN THAT which you have made for yourselves? The answer -- NOTHING. We may have a few moviemakers, and a theatre owner. The theatre that we most attend is that of our mind, which has been certainly distorted by the thoughts and the activities of the enemy of Truth. Once the Blackman realizes that what was written in the Bible concerning "let us make man", was -- and is -- a Plan to achieve or accomplish a knowledge not witnessed before the setting of this Plan.

The process that was employed to cause the Blackman to lose all recollection of the "why" that fits with Creation has brought him into this situation. Many Blacks, and others, think that there is no God, or think of God in a very spooky, unrealistic, anti-math way, which makes it very difficult for I -- Allah -- to save the Blackman where he does not experience misery, pain and disappointment in the process of being saved. Ignorance has permeated the Blackman so thoroughly to the extent that time is not in his favor for the COMPLETE turning around into knowing and then going to work for himself. As an example, in the last few encounters this government of North America has engaged in, they studied and prepared in such a way that when they do go into action, the loss of their people is very miniscule, and this way it would satisfy the wise. If the Original Man being saved was able to conduct himself in such a manner--which simply is to submit to the Truth of the Time--we would be able to say, or witness the same thing, and our loss would be very, very miniscule. However, I am unable to find where it is written of such submission UNTIL The Four Winds are turned against AND on them--which is about to start.

You may believe it or not--yet the whole time that we have been under the rule of this enemy of Truth what we have suffered under his rule is NOTHING compared to what is in store for the stiff-necked and rebellious of our own. And this is why it is written that Allah is hardest on His Own, because His own are supposed to know, and if they do not, they are supposed to be human--meaning "humble"--enough to allow themselves to come into the know. So, I say, being Allah--Blackman: the Time is Up!

I Am The Saviour, The Definite Article.

Every man has had a term here, and all the terms have expired. So, speaking as a Jealous God, I shall experience Righteousness to its Perfection, or there will be no more life on the planet, especially as we know it to be. The Brown man, the Yellow man, nor the Red man can never be what they possibly could be since they have never known the REAL God--or Allah. The Caucasian is the only one that is INCAPABLE of actually changing in a manner where their nature will not drag them back to their un-agreeable habits and treatment of all other men on the planet.

Everything that we know of at this present date is fast approaching a crisis where something MUST be done, or expect to experience the inevitable -- annihilation. So, Blackman, do not wait until you experience the same as Joseph, the father of Jesus, at his wits end trying to find a place for his son to be born. And, remember, this is not a situation of "like" or "dislike" -- we are living in a time where we must adhere to THE DEFINITES, whether we like it, or not.

These few words should foster some questions.

I will wait, and see. However, don't YOU wait.

Solomon, Allah in Person

P.S. In the process of one starting to measure Truth, they must start with certain morals; things that they will not do "just because it is offered to them." There must be a line that one will NOT cross, even as being a partner with Satan. Then, and only then, will the True process of submitting--and a gauge for the measure of Truth--begin.
Try it . . . and you may like it.
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