The "Success" of Christmas
From Royall---Allah in Person
December 15, 2001
Everything of this world that we are used to was developed in the absence of God (or The Supreme Being) which translates into everything that we think and do, especially before the raising up of The Messenger Elijah Muhammad, was put into motion to be the opposite of what God would do if He were present. Now, because of the raising of The Messenger with The Message it has caused a disturbance in the thinking of man. For instance, no longer than thirty years ago prior to this time, Christmas was a highly expected and celebrated event and today, it is almost a memory. Why? Because during the absence of Allah---Myself---it also meant the absence of the Scientists (or Saints) performing their duties to Allah. Some may say "the saints have always performed their duty to Allah" and that is absolutely true. The point is we must know WHAT the duty was, and their duty was to WAIT---like Allah Said that He would do. Wait...

This left the enemy of Truth an expansion of time to practice his devilishment. Just by changing a few letters in words will alter them from positive to negative--such as the words "Santa Clause", altered from the words "Saints on pause", meaning that they were not to do ANYTHING that would make the enemy of Truth change his ways---until NOW.

I am no longer operating as being "styled as"---I Am Now Stepping into the shoes, suit and armor that is Me, which is ROYALL in EVERY aspect, a robe that the saints recognize as a Time that they can come off "pause", because what they do in keeping their duty to Allah must be in accord with His Motion (meaning Allah Waited, and they waited). Now, the wait is OVER and they are happy to go into motion. O Blackman!, if you only knew! And even the enemy of Truth, we have allowed you to get a glimpse of the Power of Creation. You just have very little knowledge of this kind of power being turned AGAINST you, because it has always been used primarily for positive or perpetuating the Creation. Now the time has arrived for the Saints to MAGNIFY Christ (or "Crusher"), and in order for this to take any meaning, something or someone MUST BE CRUSHED.

For those that were with The Messenger and have studied The Message you will find where it was spoken by The Messenger as a directive to not pray or wish for that day--which is NOW. I Know a lot can be read into this. And since I Am Here Speaking It and letting it be known, if one were to just take it at face value in a balanced manner that would be their insurance of experiencing mercy and safety. There is a lot more that could be said about "Christ-mass," "Santa Claus", "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer", and "the giving of gifts" just for the mere fact that I do not pick a particular day or time to give gifts negates My involvement in the practice of Christmas; I seize every opportunity whether it be day or night, to reward those who are deserving, and MY gifts are perpetual as long as the receiver is worthy of it.

Think over these few words---I have to go and check on "Rudolf" (...a little humor).

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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