War, Peace and Happiness
January 1, 2002
Greetings to All in the beginning of this New Year, which seems to mean a lot to many.

With Me, since everyone’s mind is on their New Year’s “resolution”, and what they would like to change or see being changed, I see this is a good time for this analysis to be analyzed.

This process that you are about to read is extremely effective on the person, all the way up to Nations. One must start off with war in their own thinking because the devil has reached his zenith in his ability to cause mischief. Because of My Presence, it is now tipping the balance on the scale, which makes one go to war whether he knows it or not, in trying to hold on to what was, and rejecting the inevitable of what is, and is to be. Most people and/or Nations without My Guidance will lose the battle AND war because of their inability to properly ascertain The New, while trying to use the old as a judge. The overwhelming proof of being satisfied with the old is how I, Allah, am colored (or depicted), when presented in this world’s “sight”.

Let’s look at the ones who claim that they represent Me, to see if there have been any gains. Let’s start with Jesus - - the activity created and formed around him and his supposed word (which is called Christianity) has failed miserably in producing peace. Is it because what Jesus taught was weak? Let’s look at Prophet Muhammad - - who died of grief because of the non-acceptance of his own people. Is it because what Prophet Muhammad taught was weak? Elijah Muhammad - - the best of them all who stated his beginning and predicted the fall of the Reality of The Message AND its Rise again IN A DIFFERENT FORM. Effective? Powerful? Yes! Warith Deen - - up to this day -- a total blank or blur, no power. Minister Louis - - a shame and a disgrace. His reversal (or going back) on his own word when being Farrakhan shows no power. All of the other, little, would-be “leaders”, if not in the Nation under The Messenger, would never be known - - much like a puff of smoke. Out of all of these different individuals no one has shown any power from Allah, or proved that Allah backed them with any results EXCEPT Elijah! Were I an ordinary individual and did the necessary research, I, also, would shun such a “fictional” God - - who never seems to have enough power to show that He is absolute power!

So this war that everyone is engaged in - - willingly or unwillingly - - is the most difficult battle that one could ever encounter. I, ROYALL, Am Being successful in removing all obstacles in the unseen (meaning, your thinking) that will allow Me in a few short days to show Absolute Power! When that takes place, there must be the components that make absolute (meaning fractions of Truth, or agreeable entities) that see AND understand what I Am Doing, for anyone to be saved on the showing of such Power. I do have now more than “two or three” that I may be justified in showing such Power.

When one accomplishes or experiences victory in such war, there is a degree of satisfying Peace that is unexplainable in this language which produces an armor in one’s countenance, that is called “Happiness” which does not allow any foreign substance to interrupt the Peace that you have earned or gained. So I shall work from those few fractions, and subdue the whole Earth. Since no one has been able to change the image of The Supreme Being - - The All Knower, The All-Seer, The All-Hearer, The All-Powerful in the way that it should be, then I, Allah, The Supreme Being, Am Doing It Myself. And make no mistake - - it has been prophesied, written and studied that no one makes war with Allah and wins! Remember, I Beget Not, nor am I Begotten. For the Idea of Perfection, I am The First and The Last - - for the mere fact that when you reach perfection (or produce it) there is nowhere else to go, and we must admit that we have as of yet to see Perfection.

To all who speak of Me the words that I am “Independent and The One upon whom all others Depend”, I shall Always be found being Myself and keeping My Duty to My Word which proceeded my physical appearance. So I say again, at the beginning of this year that is important to you, do your proper study, and if you intend to be with Me in this mighty Power and you have no beginning, then start with the books of Elijah - - preferably “Our Saviour Has Arrived”, chapter “He Makes All Things New” because this IS that Time! And Remember, it does not read He make all things “the Message”, or that He makes all things “prayer”. It is written that the mere Remembrance of Me is better than Prayer.

A promise that I will make to you: do your proper study and make Me Happy, and I most certainly will reward you in the realm of the unimaginable, where you will reach a plateau where you will never willingly or unwillingly be taken from. Try Me and See! You have nothing to lose. To refrain from such an opportunity, it is highly possible that there will be no gain for you.

These are a few words to show that I Am Concerned about the improper representation of “I, upon whom all Depend.”


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