This is an official announcement, one to give clarity.

There is a name for every attribute that is being lived out. The Name ROYALL is The Judge, or Executioner. There must be a showing of Power to bring in this correction of man that the power of the Sun dispels the darkness. So, -- in that sense – there is no more Solomon. Solomon is a builder, and that is what He is Here to do, build.

ROYALL Is The Executioner, and this is The Time of Royall, and it is ROYALL’s Time. Remember, Allah is hardest on his own because what He causes them to have from Him, He makes sure that they are qualified to have, and making sure that We give no pearls to swine.

Study this.

P.S. Judge All, and to Summons All is the True Meaning of the Name ROYALL, Which I Shall Enjoy Living!
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