Message From The Supreme Being:
Analyzation of Nature and of its un-pleasantries:
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
For those of us that are keeping up with the present situation between the non-believers, mis-believers, and True Believers, and hypocrites, the dialogue that we just witnessed from ROYALL, Allah in Person, to the hypocrites and wicked believers and their inordinate amount of disrespect to The Supreme Being must be viewed as such - -

When a child has been repeatedly warned and made to correct themselves, especially concerning the same thing, there is a period that the corrector goes through of absorbing the wrong and errors of the one being corrected. And when that period has reached its zenith, or conclusion, then no longer is the corrector to absorb any of the duly-earned retaliation. So, now, the corrector and all of those that are around or near-enough to see and/or hear the one BEING corrected cry out. That is always an unpleasant reality. In this case, you are now hearing Seventhfam and those who are with him screaming out obscenities, lies, and sounds of diversion to make the corrector to believe that they are being unjustly dealt with, when in fact it only makes the corrector and the ones around more agitated to apply the pressure until the Truth of the situation is realized by the one that is corrected.

So do not be dismayed about what you read or hear coming from the cesspool of Seventhfam’s mind. That is Nature, and how it operates. Just remember, those of you who are innocent, take it as a lesson and you will be able to see, point-by-point the fallacy and the continuation of error that justifies the corrector in his correction. It is not the Nature of any wise or close-to-being-wise person that refers to his enemy with the language used by the hater of Truth - - Mr. Ronald Denny - - “Seventhfam”. His language shows that he seeks to murder the Christ-Child - - not with a clean sweep or clean blow, he would like to take His life with the vomit and the thick mucous that suffocates, so that the “victim” will know it is Satan that has taken his life. However, that is only a figment of the imagination in his mind. To use the Message that was given to The Messenger BY The Supreme Being AGAINST The Christ-Child is an ignorant insult to intelligence

Those of you who read this must remember that this is a war between Right and wrong - - between ROYALL and Silis, Satan himself. Seventhfam is only a spawn, however he will receive his portion. So you all may say what you will, and I Will Say and Do My Will. The majority of you in that line of thinking have no idea what you are confronting. This message is for those who are learning, not for those that are being chastised - - however, it is happening because of the reason FOR their chastisement.

From He Who Always Wants you to Be In The Know --

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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