The Effects of Waiting
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
The Effects of Waiting

This is a reality that we all are familiar with, however, being Black, and having everything done for us by another man, has brought us to a point of perpetual waiting – meaning that the God of this world (the Caucasian Whiteman), has and is operating in such a way that it gives the appearance that as soon as he is “able” that he will do something to alleviate the pressure or answer the promise that he gave us (the Blackman) that we can be whatever we want to if we just get an education and work hard, while the Whiteman knows that we are the REAL God, and that one of our greatest attributes is WAITING.

However, in everything that exists proper thought, or mathematical thinking must be applied. The Blackman here in North America (USA) has absolutely been taken out of the Natural Order of things. Just practicing the Law of Self-Preservation, first, will show him that waiting for another man to do for him what he SHOULD be doing for himself makes his waiting in vain.

The Law of WANT --- combined with NEED --- has indeed produced the workable solution that has Universally put an end to the Blackman’s wait here in North America. We now see the power and the effectiveness of the God that is the enemy of Truth --- so much so that the so-called “believer” that followed, labored and studied under The Messenger (which are supposed to be the most-learned in The Time and What Must Be Done), they too have been reduced to the level of the Christians --- believing and waiting for a dead god, a dead messenger, or a non-responsive god AND messenger to come and do for them what they claim to have the knowledge to do for themselves.

The question may come up: “what is the purpose for this post, and the manner in which it is being delivered?” We now HAVE a Live Entity named The United Nation of Islam, headed and developed by Allah Himself, Named ROYALL --- ENDING THE WAIT.

The god of this world, the Caucasian, has made even the Muslim followers of Elijah satisfied and content with talking and debating about The Message, The Messenger, and Master Fard Muhammad, while he (the Caucasian) does, as usual, sets the tone and the activity of what he wants done. The Caucasian has and is proven that he is a doer, and he is currently building as though “he shall be here forever”, while the Blackman is caught up in perpetual moaning and groaning while claiming that he does not see the Way. However, SINCE THIS IS ALLAH Who is Developing activity for The Blackman AND bringing to an the end the present activity of our enemy, this Blackman (or Muslim) can produce no valid reason for his lip-professing and lazy posture at THIS Day and Time.

The United Nation of Islam is the ONLY place that is being developed where one can DO and/or be in motion while he is talking, therefore preparing and being prepared to live in The Hereafter. All other attempts to “rectify” the Blackman’s situation are just that --- an attempt --- and they will never be anything more.

There is only ONE ALLAH --- at present, ONE AUTHENTIC NATION --- at present, ONE WAY --- at present. Since the Blackman is the Cream of this planet then he should participate in THE BEST to show that he is the Best, and to this date we cannot find nor does it exist a more worthy place to express the adventures of life other than The United Nation of Islam. So, in essence, your wait has been OVER for at least 10 years. However, due to your voluntary blindness, you have not accepted what you have seen. Today, all other Brothers and would-be leaders are fading off into the abyss of nothingness or of the forgotten. In other words, Blackman, you are wasting time, and that is a habit that Allah HATES --- waste.

It is one thing to talk about what you would need or want in the absence of the present possibility of achieving it; however, today, that is not the case. Whatever you can think of THAT IS OF RIGHT, there is a place where it can be achieved. So, the offer still stands, if you want to reap the rewards of your wait, seek out and actively participate in The Nation that Allah Himself has set up FOR YOU --- The United Nation of Islam. The irony of this particular situation is that the Muslim followers still want to wait, and just “talk” when they have no power or authority over ROYALL, Allah in Person, Who IS HERE AND IS NOT WAITING. So, I strongly suggest that you apply your mathematical thinking to the present situation that exists, so that you may enjoy some of the wonders of life that you must produce. One should see this as an opportunity to practice the righteousness that they profess and be protected while doing so. If you know of a better offer than the one that is being presented DO NOT HESITATE IN LETTING IT BE KNOWN. However, do your homework, first, on that which you have been “ignoring” --- ROYALL, Allah in Person, and The United Nation of Islam.

An Opportunity for Love, from He Who Is Love.

As-Salaam-Alaikum to you all.
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