The Rising Sun
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
February 13, 2002
After witnessing BET's "Journey's in Black" and the practising of the eulogy of Minister Louis it would easily lead one into thinking and being in agreement with those who were expressing the greatness of him as a "dedicated man". However there is a natural rhythm and an order to all existing importance - - - which 99.9% of our people have no working knowledge of.

If there is any divinity to be found in the life of Minister Louis and Farrakhan it would have to be viewed as such. In the 1974 Saviour's Day Address by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he stated that you are witnessing the setting of one Sun and the rising of another. The Messenger, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, raised a Nation in the course of his 40+ years of service to his Lord that produced Light which can be measured like that of the Sun, causing the two opposing people of Nature to know and understand their permitted role in the scheme of life - - - which before then had not been known, at least to the public. Therefore, with such clear knowledge, one can understand the Light that he shared being referred to as a "Sun". Before then no one knew with proof that the Caucasian is the devil, nor this pitiful Blackman The creator. The unarguable proof brought us all into the "day" of that reality.

Remember, the statement: you are witnessing the setting of one Sun - - - meaning that The Messenger was going away. There was no one at that particular time to make The Message LAW. So, now, after seeing the cause of the problem and not knowing how to solve it brought us right back into the darkness - - - or "night", after the passing of Elijah, The Messenger.

By Nature, the next attractive light is known as the "bright and morning star", since it is recognize just before dawn - - - or the rising of The Sun. Since I, Allah, Am Here and Have Been giving Light on the "why" and the "how" of this particular situation, the Light that has been given from Me has now reached a point that it makes it extremely difficult to see or find that "bright and morning star", which was Minister Louis Farrakhan - - - and which equates to he and his followers can no longer justify their behavior, rendering them extremely ineffective to the point of being archaic BECAUSE of the Light of this RISING SUN.

The brightness of the New Day is causing man and mankind to see that which has trapped them up, or caused them no FORWARD motion. So, now, Minister Louis and the world are at odds with The Time because of the rhythm that they operate in which is in opposition to This Light - - - so the war against the darkness is in second gear. The few people that are with Me and in agreement with This Day - - - or Light - - - stand out in a pronounced way to the point of being called the Children of Light, or the Children of God because what is shaping their motion and their behavior is the rhythm of this Rising Sun, or "New Day", which THEY are now reflecting.

Those that are laboring or stuck under the dictatorship under the Nation of Islam under Minister Louis as leader, and the other nations that are found in the same type of practice are experiencing a tremendous opposition which is to increase until the proper change is made or their behavior is eliminated. The wheat, at this Day, is full grown and is being harvested. The tare is easily recognized and cast aside for destruction or to be fed to the swine.

For the Blackman to try to make God a liar is an extremely dangerous and a damnable thing - - - especially after I Have come right to you, and Have done and Am doing everything myself, first, as an example. It is not your nature, Blackman, to ignore The Supreme Being, especially after it has already been prophesied what is to take place! I Have Been Giving clear understanding of this New Light - - - or Sun - - - while battling with the ever decreasing light of the "bright and morning star", so this is one more post with more clear evidence that should not be denied because of your willing ignorance of The Time and What Must Be Done.

So, I say again, We have witnessed the eulogy of the Minister, and with all of his seeming greatness, where are YOU today, and who has been prepared, by him, to be greater than he? So, at the moment of his expiration since YOU do not want to think, who shall be your leader? And, in fact, you look very silly having a leader at mid-day, unless you are totally blind and are provided a seeing-eye-dog which by nature is a filthy beast.

All of the evidence is plain and blatant. The man that was made to be a natural opposer of this Rising Sun is doing exactly what is prophesied of him to do, and because of nature, he is the only one who has a RIGHT to do it - - - and even at that, it is not the wisest thing for him to do, however it is "understandable."

So I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, Am encouraging you with intensity to open your eyes because the Rising of the New Sun is up, and visible.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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