There is clear evidence that this world of mankind and Man has worked its way into the NEED of The REAL God, who is The Creator of ALL that is real. The key word here is "need", which has an equal presence at both ends of the pendulum, meaning: the need has gotten so intense that the Earth and the natural rhythm of things must be attended to, as well as the well-being of the highest form of creation --- Man and mankind. It is equally important that The Supreme Being Makes His Presence Known by making the proper adjustments that are in accord with life and the process of it. However, because of money being made a god besides God, no one welcomes this adjustment. Because of the weakness or the powerless feeling that one THINKS they would experience without money being the priority, they have worked themselves into a paradox. Knowing that this statement is true, one should seek the kingdom of God and its Righteousness first, and THEN all things will be added to you. However, the practice has been and still is to acquire all things first and then --- if you would like --- seek God and his righteousness, making this a perfect example or scenario of changing or stopping a force only with a stronger or more powerful force --- which means that ONLY GOD HIMSELF, The All-Powerful, Has the ability to Solve this problem that the world has produced.

I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, Am applying such force, gradually, therefore allowing all who really seek the real power and the righteousness of it to actually find it. Being in such a motion requires an insurmountable amount of patience because of the Glorious OUTCOME, which will bring the real ruler back into his place, and the tail WILL finally become the head; the last of this world WILL BE the first, and the proper adjustment will have been made.

The Caucasian race is not expected to accept this adjustment, and since the Blackman here in North America has swallowed the Caucasian's bait "hook, line and sinker" it is making it somewhat difficult to save this Blackman from the fate of his open enemy. Whatever is placed before this Blackman by Me, Allah in Person, it is always equated by the amount of money or the system to produce the money, as to whether it is worthy of his time or not WHEN WE HAVE ALLOWED CLEAR EVIDENCE of what such behavior produces by the supposed-to-be leader [or "Reminder"] of and to The Supreme Being! Money upon money had been poured like water on this "leader" for the express purpose of producing salvation for the Blackman, which has now become so clear that one cannot have an intelligent argument about the success or failure of such process.

However, the process HAS shown us that the Blackman, here in North America, has reached a clear mental impasse because of the false idea of the power that money holds. Money is the MEANS that is used by the false god to make himself appear AS God by the improper use of it. It is the means to make the idea of wrong SEEM right, and the means to make god besides God seem equal or superior TO God! This is why the improper use of it is being brought to a halt --- EVERY wheel that is turning to perpetuate this false image is being brought to a halt, which is producing the Dreadful Day for the lord of THIS world and the Great Day for the poor, dumb Blackman and woman that had never experienced the power of money, however it HAS produced the hell that they are experiencing because of the IMPROPER use of money.

When I first started Making Myself Known as Who I REALLY AM, the man and his followers that were supposed to have been led by him TO ME were making comments such as: "the Minister is the one who has the money", "the Minister is the one who has the gold", "he is the one who has the fancy automobiles, and fine homes", "he is the one that is showing his richness from the love of the supreme being" --- in essence showing the corruptibility of the power of the misuse of the money, because we can now see that neither he nor his followers have no peace at no day, which equates to even the house of righteousness has been corrupted.

Any and every one that is to be saved must accept the adjustment being made by The Supreme Being, or they will most certainly perish because of the ***NEED --- NEED --- NEED*** for the proper use of everything and that INCLUDES money if We so will to keep it in existence.

The sluggish movement of our people towards the Real Saviour and the practice of right will and is producing the proper amount of misery that will make you see, which gives credence to the prophecy that "hell prepared them for heaven".

You can accept this, or leave it alone, however it does not change the reality of what is being written here. I strongly suggest that you read this for the proper understanding so that you may start your arduous journey towards the rebirth of the Kingdom of Righteousness --- which SHALL LAST FOREVER.

It is plain to see, if you will only but look.
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By ROYALL, Allah in Person
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