“Where is the Blackman?” A question that must be answered.
In the search for the Blackman, it would naturally lead us into looking for him where Independence is being, or has been developed, because the very definition of Man is “He who takes control”. In this particular country we have as of yet to find him in such position, so the question still remains: “Where is he?” In this trying Time (or Day) it is clear that everyone must have a place of refuge developed by them that they have built.

We see mankind has developed many places, and the strength to enforce safety in and around these places, and he is only a kind of a man! Conditions are such today that they present a very bleak future for any man that has not secured a way to sustain himself. All of this talk about “building a Nation”, “coming together”, is fast being seen as just talk. Since We have not found the Blackman it looks like total annihilation of the Black male. However, those that are with Me---ROYALL, Allah in Person---are with The Man, and are being developed as men, and the first thing a man does is he wants for his Brother what he wants for himself. However, this Blackman here in North America has been so thoroughly whipped mentally, by his Brother and by mankind that it appears that he is unable to see the Light although he is standing in it.

This post is another warning to those that would want to live and be a man (or men). It is becoming ever-increasingly clear that there is only One place that provides the opportunity for said above to become reality---and that is The United Nation of Islam. This I am saying repeatedly until there is no more need for it, or the lack of time renders it impossible.

The few people that do read and keep up with the activities on the internet are too busy either praising one out of their position, or slitting the throat of the one that disagrees---while mankind has produced a trap that is virtually impossible to escape. Living from day to day is not living. When there is no plan by you or for you in the way of survival you most certainly will perish. This is more than serious. It has reached the stage of intensely critical. For those of you that will think, you should remember that the last thing that will be tried out of desperation will be Islam, produced and practiced here for Our people, so the longer your wait, the more difficult it will be to make the transition. Because of the Love for you Blackman, I, Being Allah and The Saviour for you, the time has expired for belief and disbelief, so I will repeat what the Messenger stated: “fly to Allah” before it is too late. This has to be a physical reality, not a spook “flight”.

I Will only Provide the door, and you must be willing to walk through.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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By ROYALL, Allah in Person
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