Truth Out of Season
By Royall, Allah in Person
Truth Out of Season
By Royall, Allah In Person

It has become apparent the inordinate amount of insanity and cancer and it seems to be still rising. This is a condition that is affecting our people, and even those in Islam under The Messenger, which should not be. Because the reason for this escalating reality of death caused by insanity and cancer is easily avoided if the Muslim followers of The Messenger had remembered and developed the ear to know their "Mother" (The Messenger's) voice.

When an individual is unable to be current with Truth and the advancement of it, AGE sets in. Being unable to grow WITH Truth ofttime brings on insanity, and even cancer. Truth is like water --- the proper amount of it causes one to be happy; an overabundance of it causes one to die while living in the present. Truth has a power with it that makes one very excited at what is being revealed and if what is being revealed is far into the future, or just far enough to make one reach after it that it places you out of time in which you are living, it may place you in the category of the "absent-minded", or even "a fruitcake" (as an expression) --- meaning that nothing is reliable coming from that particular person. And this is also true on the reverse side -- so sluggish in the realization of Time because of yesterday's expression of Truth that you get the same result of the said above.

We have a Nation, within a Nation, within a Nation. This country as we know it has reached its time, or its limit. Nothing that it can do based on the knowledge that it operates in will cause any more magnification of such knowledge. Then we have the Nation of Islam, from where Truth was introduced to us, the Lost-Found Blackman here in North America by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, as taught to him by Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. Because of their sluggishness in studying, or their inability to be mathematical, they are also a dying breed.

Now, we have The United Nation of Islam, headed by Allah Himself -- so as to make SURE that if there is anyone to be saved, those of us that demonstrate their teaching of being "quick thinking, fast moving, right up to the modern time", now HAVE A PLACE to magnify Truth and to advance therein. Minister Louis, and other ministers and followers like him that are hell-bent on being stagnant and always found rehearsing, reciting, re-doing, and re-living the out of season Truth are now being seen being insane and full of cancer. Even the Truth and the Time of Truth shows no mercy for such individual --- you either keep up with the Rising Sun (Son) or miss your opportunity to see light as it should be seen because of the Sun. Another way of saying this: "Time waits for no one", and Time means nothing without a degree of intelligence being expressed that determines the time.

These are just a few words to cause one TO THINK, if they will. The most rejected idea concerning Me, ROYALL, Allah in Person, is just that --- "Allah in Person". The good works that are done by Me are recognized as worthy and good on all levels because it is Time for it. However, those that are unwilling or unable to think reject all of what they see, or attach their own negative expression to it, just to justify in their own thinking that I "cannot be Allah". This is a sad time for the Blackman, especially the one who came up under the Messenger. For you are supposed to have the inside formulas or knowledge to know HOW the promise of Allah is being brought into existence for you.

There is not too much more that needs to be said on this particular topic other than I am the Author of Time. And remember, remember, remember, Time waits for no one --- that includes you. When the present-day activity bears witness TO YOU that you need a place of your own and your own security, by then it will be too late. Remember, do not be like the man that did not plant in the right season because he was not hungry, and when hunger takes a grip on him he has nothing to satisfy it.

Accept it, or leave it alone.
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